Is lettuce poison

Updated: 11/8/2022
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Not to humans (unless you're allergic) or frogs, I don't know about Toads though, but I assume it's not.

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Q: Is lettuce poison
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What familiar staple was once thought to be poisonous lettuce tomatoes pumpkin?

The tomato. It wasn't until the mid1800's when it was shown it wasn't poison. They had the name of " poisoned apples."

What is the possessive form of lettuce?

The possessive form for the singular noun lettuce is lettuce's.

How is romaine lettuce different from regular lettuce?

romaine lettuce is different because it is much fresher than reg lettuce.

What is the plural of lettuce?

The noun lettuce has varied usage in the plural. Traditionally the usage is "three heads of lettuce", but the alternative "three lettuces" has become very common during the last century. The collective noun is always "I like lettuce" or "this farmer grows lettuce".

What is butter lettuce?

lettuce with butter on it

Does lettuce have skin?

No, lettuce has leaves.

What do lettuce slugs eat?


What is the name of the best lettuce to eat?

Iceberg lettuce is quite delicious.

What is the pH of lettuce?

According to US FDA/CFSAN, the pH of lettuce is as follows: Lettuce 5.80 - 6.15 Lettuce, Boston 5.89 - 6.05 Lettuce, Iceberg 5.70 - 6.13 hope that'll help =)

Is a lettuce a vegtabe or a fruit?

Yes, lettuce does have fruits but the part of the lettuce that we consume is the leaves. However, for the fruit of the lettuce plant to be classified a citrus fruit, it must have citric acid. Since it does not, it is not a citrus fruit.

How much fat does lettuce have?

.2g fat in 100g of lettuce, about .5g fat in 6 pieces leaf lettuce

Rabbits favorite vegatables?

Rabbits enjoy eating dark green leaves. So romaine lettuce, spring greens, broccoli leaves etc. They also like carrots but should only be given them in moderation!