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Although lettuce was originally cultivated from a weed, it is now best known as the base for salads.

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How many calories in 1 cup of arugula?

In one cup of raw arugula there are five kcal.
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What has more protein meat or lettuce?

It depends on how you measure it. If you go by the amount of food, regular ground beef has 14.35 grams of protein in 100 grams, whereas lettuce has 1.36 grams of protein per 100 grams. But for each 100-calorie serving, regular ground beef provides 4.3 grams of protein. By comparison, a 100-calorie serving of green leaf lettuce contains 9.06 grams. So lettuce provides the most protein per calorie. That's good to remember if you're watching your weight. Another view: To disregard calories, and...
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Can bunnies eat lettuce?

Rabbits can eat lettuce, but too much can be dangerous, and some kinds of lettuce are more dangerous than others. Light-coloured lettuces (like iceberg and Romaine hearts) should be avoided entirely: rabbits shouldn't eat them because they don't have any nutritional value and they can lead to diarrhea and other illnesses. Dark-coloured lettuces with the white parts torn off (like Romaine, red leaf, green leaf, mesclin mix) are healthy for rabbits but too much can still lead to diarrhea or other illnesses. A...
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Is lettuce a citrus fruit?

Yes, lettuce does have fruits but the part of the lettuce that we consume is the leaves. However, for the fruit of the lettuce plant to be classified a citrus fruit, it must have citric acid. Since it does not, it is not a citrus fruit. ...
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How do you eat arugula?

raw, like in a salad.
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Is a lettuce called a bunch?

Lettuce can come in bunches of leaf lettuce or heads of lettuce.
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Does lettuce have fiber?

Lettuce contains around 0.5g of fibre per 100g
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How much does arugula cost?

I picked up a tub of baby arugula today for about $4.
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Is arugula kosher for Passover?

Arugula is an edible leaf and is kosher year round including Passover.
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Can eating moldy lettuce make you sick?

I would say anything going mouldy is not a good sign, however some moulds do contain good bacteria. not all. ...
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Can rabbits eat arugula?

Arugula, also known as rocket, is a healthy and yummy green for rabbits and it can be incorporated into the rabbit's "salad." Some rabbits don't like it very much because it does have a strong flavour, but other rabbits love it. See the related question below for more info about the rabbit diet. ...
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How much calcium does lettuce have?

3 milligrams of calcium per cup. And I mean pure calcium
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Does romaine lettuce have carbs?

Yes, there is carbohydrate in Romaine lettuce
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Can rabbits eat iceberg lettuce?

No! It'll cause diarrhoea in rabbits, in some severe cases, death will result. ...
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Do frogs eat lettuce or grass?

Adult frogs are insectivorous but larvae are herbivorous that eat aquatic plants . ...
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Do crabs eat lettuce?

they will but its not part of their natural diet
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Can you give your dwarf hamster lettuce?

Yes, but not too much-there is a lot of moisture in lettuce.
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Can guinea pigs eat lettuce and carrots?

Snacks for the pig You should feed your cavies romaine or Boston lettuce twice a day. Carrots only once because they have a high sugar content. Use only one baby carrot per pig. Iceberg lettuce is not recommended because of its high water content....
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How is lettuce sold?

it's sold by planting it and then freshley picking it and then it goes to the store and you8 can buy it oh and also when you pick it, it cleans the lettuce by a machine it's sold by planting it and then freshley picking it and then it goes to the store and you8 can buy it oh and also when you pick it, it cleans the lettuce by a machine ...
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Do baby rabbits eat lettuce?

Baby rabbits shouldn't eat any plant materials (including lettuce) before the age of 12 weeks. At 12 weeks, you can start introducing dark leafy greens in small portions. Don't feed iceberg or other light-coloured lettuce or cabbage to rabbits, and remove light-coloured parts from darker lettuce leaves. Not only are the light parts of plants low in nutritional value, but they often cause diarrhea or other problems in rabbits (especially babies). See the related question below for more details about the rabbit diet. ...
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Could the herb arugula used in salads cause irritation on lips resulting in swelling and tenderness inside the mouth and lips?

Test yourself for an allergic reaction to this herb. Ask your doctor for advice on the correct and safest way to do this. It involves isolating the ingredient and eliminating all other factors that could cause these same symptoms. ...