Is lice an arthropod?

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What are some examples of an arthropod?


What is a arthropod infestation?

Lice, scabies and I think bedbugs as well.

Is head lice an arthropod?

It depends if it is a spider if it has a abdomen eight legs it will be a spider but be careful some spiders can hurt you and have to go the hospital!!

Is a turtle an arthropod?

No they are not an arthropod.

Is a ladybird a arthropod?

yes it is an arthropod

What is arthropod vectors?

Vectors of the arthropod.

Why is a lobster an arthropod?

A lobster is an arthropod. (An arthropod is an animal that has three body parts joined.

What type of worm is an external parasite?

Worms are normally not external parasites, but internal parasites. External parasites include different arthropod species like ticks, fleas, lice, mosquitos....

What makes an arthropod an arthropod?

Their jointed feet.

Is a beetle an arthropod?

yes a beetle is an arthropod

Is an octopus an arthropod?

An octopus is a Mollusk not a arthropod

Is a lobster an arthropod?

yes a lobster is an arthropod

Is a crab a mollusks or a arthropod?

A crab is an arthropod.

Is a starfish an arthropod?

no a starfish isn't an arthropod

Which arthropod has no antenna?

The Blowjob arthropod family

Which is more complex arthropod or annelida?


Is a lion an arthropod?

No an arthropod is an invertebrate with external skeleton.

Is a tick an arthropod?

Yes, a tick is an arthropod and an arachnid.

Which of these has an exoskeleton arthropod worm vertebrate cnidarian?

An arthropod

Is a cnidarian an arthropod?

No an Arthropod is most certainly not a Cnidarian.

Is a crayfish a worm mollusc sponge or a arthropod?


Do lice carry disease?

Generally, no. This parasite is usually free of pathogens that affect humans. Bedbugs are another arthropod that are pathogenically free. For some reason these arthropods are not disease vectors, but they surely are irritating in and of themselves.

Morphology of arthropodes?

Body and Head Lice are morphologically identical. Body lice are about 30% larger, Did they mutate into this species?(pediculus humanis corporis) from pediculus capitus ? This is one arthropod. Interesting that the body louse has adapted to 2 different types of human hair, round or oval depending on the human sub-type.

What arthropod has radial symmetry?

A butterfly is an arthropod that have a symmetrical side.

Is a moth considered an arthropod?

Yes, a moth is considered to be an arthropod.