Is lightning and thunder alike

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No, though they are closely related phenomena. Lightning is an enormous, bright electrical discharged that takes place during a thunderstorm. Thunder is the booming or cracking sound generate by lightning.

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Q: Is lightning and thunder alike
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Does thunder cause lightning or does lightning cause thunder?

Lightning causes thunder

Which can you see thunder or lightning?

Thunder is the sound of lightning.

What is the relationship of thunder and lightning?

Lightning is the cause of thunder.

Is lightning caused by thunder?

No. Thunder is caused by lightning.

Is thunder the eco of lightning?

thunder is the sound of lightning if that is what you are asking

What is the relationship between thunder and lightning?

Lightning is an atmospheric discharge caused by a very large voltage difference between two objects, usually the clouds and the Earth. Lightning is actually electricity flying through the air. The voltage it takes for electricity to do so is in the millions of volts compared to your household voltage of 110/220v. When lightning moves through the air it 'ionizes' the air molecules, giving them a strong negative charge. Also, it creates a LOT of heat. These two effects force the air molecules to move very far apart in the vicinity of the lightning. Once the lightning has finished moving the air cools down quickly. Once they are cool and loose their ionic charge the molecules slam back together. The sound you know as thunder is the trillions of air molecules crashing together. Another visual: For the instant just after a lightning strike there is a vacuum formed in a rough tube shape where the bolt travelled. So for a spit second there is nothing where the lightning bolt was. The pressure, from the rest of the atmosphere, around this tube collapses it. The collapse creates a loud noise known as thunder.

Advantages of lightning and thunder storm?

advandages of lightning and thunder

Can it thunder and lightning without clouds?

No it cant lightning but it can thunder

How are thunder and lightning related?

Lightning heats up the air and the heated expanding air causes the thunder sound. You can estimate how far away the lightening was by counting seconds after the flash, 6 seconds to a mile away.thunder is the sound of lightning after the lightning strike occurs

What is lightning without thunder?

Lightning without thunder is called heat lightning. It occurs when the lightning is too far away for humans to hear the thunder.

How do you say thunder and lightning in hebrew?

thunder = ra'am (רעם) lightning = barak (ברק)

What is it called when lightning and thunder occur together?

lightning+ thunder-=light'n'thunder

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