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Lignite is a kind of coal (brown coal).

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What kind of rock is lignite?

Lignite is a Igneous Rock

Igneous rock is a mother rock?

Igneous rock is a category of rocks a parent rock can be igneous metamorphic or sedimentary

Are igneous rocks made up of igneous rocks?

Sedimentary rock can be made up partially of igneous clasts, but igneous rock is igneous rock.

Is garnet an igneous rock?

No, Garnet is not an igneous rock. It is a metamorphic rock.

Is a granite rock a igneous rock?

Yes, granite is an igneous rock.

Is igneous rock a mineral?

Igneous rock is rock which contains minerals.

Is Peridotite a igneous rock?

yes it is an igneous rock

Is gravel an igneous rock?

i think it is not an igneous rock

Is igneous rock marble or basalt?

Basalt is an igneous rock, but not all igneous rock is basalt. Marble is an example of a metamorphic rock.

What sedimentary rock can be burned?

Lignite, bituminous coal.

Is a igneous rock a mineral or rock?

You say it as ' Igneous ROCK ' and ask whether it is a rock..

Is igneous rock formed from hardened lava?

yes, an igneous rock which forms from lava is known as extrusive igneous. igneous rock which forms from magma is known as intrusive igneous.

What is the importance of a igneous rock in the rock cycle?

Importance is that this is how a rock is formed igneous rock are the begginning of the rock cycle it is formed when magma reaches the earth and cooles it is called volcanic rock and when igneous rock is cooled inside the earth it is commonly know as plutonic rock. Igneous rock is the beginning of the rock cycle and that is the importance of the igneous rock.

Is clay an igneous rock?

No, clay is not an igneous rock, it is a sedimentary rock or a soil..

Is igneous rock strong?

yes a igneous rock is strong but its not the strongest rock

How does igneous rock become igneous rock again?

Sedimentary rock melts, creates magma. When magma cools it creates the igneous rock.

Is gypsum an igneous rock?

No. Granite is a type of igneous rock

What igneous rock has no minerals in it?

Obsidian is an igneous rock with no minerals.

Is pumice an igneous rock?

YES! It is an extrusive Igneous rock

Is granite an igneous rock?

Granite is an intrusive igneous rock.

Can you find an igneous rock in Hawaii?

Hawaii is an igneous rock.

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