Is lipid inorganic

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: Is lipid inorganic
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Is a lipid an inorganic molecule?

no. organic molecule

Is lipid and organic or inorganic compound?


What is an inorganic compound ATP Lipid Carbohydrate or water?


Is lipid an inorganic?

No. Organic compounds have carbon in them and so do lipids.

Which of the following is not an organic macro-molecule carbohydrate ice lipid nucleic acid?

ice is water molecules and is inorganic.

Is lipid an inorganic compound?

No. Organic compounds have carbon in them and so do lipids.

What molecule produces the most energy?

its either A) carbohydrate B)water C)lipid or D)inorganic.

Ionophores are small hydrophobic molecules that can partition into the lipid bilayer and increase their permeability to specific inorganic ions what is a channel forming ionophore?

gramicidin A

Is ATP lipid carbohydrate or water an inorganic compound?

Please provide more information/context/clarification to help us answer this question. You can post your response in this answer text by clicking "Edit."

Is N2O5 an organic compound?

Organic Chemistry is by definition "The Chemistry of compounds of Carbon". Note octane, and lipid chains; carbon may polymerize. Considering Nitrogen, just add it to the above to obtain Biochemistry!

Is Na2SO4 inorganic?

The sodium sulphate (Na2SO4) is an inorganic chemical compound.

Is magnesium chloride organic or inorganic?

Inorganic since it does not contain carbon