Hip-Hop and Rap Music

Is listening to rap music a sin?

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2009-02-24 03:21:33

I like listening to hard rock too. It depends on the lyrics -

what is the song about and would Jesus listen to it. If you want to

feel more safe about this then you could listen to "Super Chick".

It is hard music, but they are christian singers. As a Christian I

feel that listening to rap music is a sin.First of all the Bible

says that in whatever we do we should glorify God.Rap music with

all of its violence and profanity does not glorify God.Secondly, as

a Christian you should know that while an angel, Satan was the

minister of music.Music was his talent.Why would he not use that to

his advantage?Think about that the next time you are pop lock n

droppin. Also for every sinful pasttime there is a Christian

alternative.For an example, there are several great Christian

rappers such as LeCrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Flame, etc. These are

my favorite artists because their music sounds just like the music

of Ludacris or Lil Wayne but instead of violence and material

things, they rap the Gospel of Christ Jesus. I can't think of any

place in the Bible where it says listening to music is a sin. If

you think about it, rap music is like poetry because it usually has

rythm and rhyme. The largest book in the Bible, Psalm, is made up

of poetry. In addition, there is some Christian rap music. I can

think of one Christian rapper off the top of my head. His name is

KJ-52. There's more, but he's the only one I can think of rihgt


No, Rap isn't sin. All music was made to praise God. The world

most of the rap bad. There are Christian rappers, such as LeCrae,

Flame, TobyMac, Da T.R.U.T.H. and theres many more.

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