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No, literacy is the ability to read and write, which isn't necessarily education.

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Q: Is literacy a synonym of education?
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What was the purpose of literacy?

Literacy leads to education and education leads to prosperity.

Does education and literacy mean same thing?

No, literacy is a topic, an education covers a wide range of topics.

What has the author David Harman written?

David Harman has written: 'Community fundamental education' -- subject(s): Education, Fundamental education, Literacy 'Illiteracy' -- subject(s): Functional literacy, Literacy 'Adult Education in the United States' 'Turning illiteracy around' -- subject(s): Literacy, Reading (Adult education)

What woman spent time on education issues and literacy?

There have been many women that have spent time on education and literacy issues. The name of one woman that has spent time on education and literacy issues is Laura Bush.

Difference between literacy and education?

literacy is literal things like reading,english,and vocabulary education is anything you learn

What has the author Geeta Ram written?

Geeta Ram has written: 'Adult education, literacy to liberation' -- subject(s): Adult education, Literacy, Popular education

What is a antonym for literacy?

education, knowledge, refinementscholarship, education, refinement.

What is International Education Day?

There is no "International Education Day".. However there is an International Literacy Day that marks the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies.

How can English literacy help in strengthening basic education in the Philippines?

through strengthening the basic education of english literacy we can improve our skills in speaking

Why is literacy more important than education?

While both literacy and education are important, literacy is a crucial skill that enables individuals to access information, communicate effectively, and participate fully in society. Without literacy, individuals may struggle to learn, grow, and make informed decisions in various aspects of life, regardless of the level of formal education they have acquired. Literacy is a foundational skill that serves as a gateway to continuous learning and personal development.

What has the author Alexander Joshua written?

Alexander Joshua has written: 'Rural primary education and adult literacy in Tamil Nadu' -- subject(s): Elementary Education, Literacy, Rural Education

What happened to literacy rates after primary education was made compulsory in France?

literacy rates increased