Is lortab an opiate?

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Yes - it is a derivative of morphine. It is a schedule II narcotic.

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Is Lortab a benzodiazepines?

No it is an opiate.

How does Lortab show in a drug screen?

Lortab (hydrocodone) is an opiate compound. It shows up as an opiate on a drug screen.

What is a Lortab 10mg?

its a pk and its a synth opiate

Will lortab show up on a piss test as methamphedimine?

No, Lortab will show up as an "opiate," not an amphetamine.

How does Lortab show up on a drug test?

Lortab is a brand name for hydrocodone - which shows up as an opiate on a drug test.

Do Lortabs show positive on a drug test?

Yes, Lortab is an opiate.

Will Lortab show on a drug screen as opiate?

yes. same as vicodin

Will Lortab show up as a benzodiazapam?

No, it'll show up as an opiate.

What can cause a positive opiate test result?

pain meds:percocet,vicodin, lortab, dilauded

Can you take Lortab when you are on Zoloft?

yes you can take a narcotic / opiate / benzo with zoloft all compatible

What does a loratab come up as on a drug test?

A Lortab shows up on a drug test as a Opiate

Do Lortab and Valium show up the same in a urine test?

No. Lortab is hydrocodone, which is an opiate and will show up on an opiate test. Valium is a benzodiazepine and will show up as that on a benzo test. Once again, i am not a pharmacist, nor do i have any pharmacological training, so, be careful out there!

How long does it take a loratab to get out of your system?

Lortab is just a brand name for Hydrocodone, which is an opiate. Any opiate you consume will be passed from your system in 72 hours or less.

What will percocet show up as on a drug test?

percocet will show up as an opiate. it contains oxycodone, which is considered a synthesized opiate. hydrocodone (lortab or vicodin) will also show up as the same thing.

Does hydrocodone show up in your drug test?

Yes. Hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lortab) is an opiate class medication. It will test positive for opiates.

Does loretabs and flexeril show up as the same type of drug in a urine screen?

No Lortab is an opiate and flexeril is a muscle relaxer or Benzo.

Do orphenadrine and Lortab have the same effect?

No, one is a muscle relaxant and one is an opiate painkiller. The pain killer works much better for most.

Will you pass a urine test if you have taken Lortab?

Lortab is a compound of acetaminophen (Tylenol) and hydrocodone, a narcotic analgesic of the opiate group. Any drug panel worth its price will react to it. Whether or not you "pass" the test depends on the circumstances and the quality of your explanation.

Should i take Lortab for one year?

"Lortab" is the brand name for a hydrocodone and acetaminaphen combination drug. It is marketed under several other brand names. It acts on the opiate receptors in the body. Long term use of a drug such as this can lead to dependance (addiction).

Does lortab show up as a opiate in urine drug screen?

It might, in a screen. More accurate tests can readily distinguish between hydrocodone and other opiates, though.

What does butran patch come up as in a urine test?

I am not 100% sure, but I recently started using the patches and after researching them quite a bit I think that they will show up in a screen as an opiate. I know that the main ingrediant in Butran is buprenorphine, a drug they use to ween opiate addicts off of their drug of choice (vicodin, lortab, meth, etc....). I used the bup a few years ago to get off lortab and it worked great. However, the doctor only gave it to me for about 6 weeks and then weened me off of it because it is also a form of an opiate. Therefore, I think that it does show up as an opiate in a drug screen, even though it is a "good" opiate-based medication that is used to help drug addicts through withdrawal.

Does lortab show up as opiate same as percocet on a drug screen?

no it does not show up as the same thing. I have been on both and loratab has hydrocodone in it and percacet has oxycodone in it and they do show up different on drug screens although they are both opiate based meds they do have different ingredients

Taking lortab during pregnancy What are the dangers to your unborn baby?

Lortab contains acetaminophen (Tylenol) and hydrocodone (an opiate) and neither is harmful to the fetus but if you have a need to take it daily you need to speak to your doctor. If the baby were exposed to this every day throughout the pregnancy it would become dependant and go through withdrawal after delivery.

Does loratab show up in urnie drug test?

Lortab is an opiate like Vicodin, so yes, it will show up; however, it will usually only show up for about 3 days, max.

Does Lortab have codeine in it?

No, Lortab contains Hydrocodone and Tylenol