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14.) A room is 24 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 9 feet high. How many square yards of wallpaper are needed to paper the four walls of the room?

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How do you use stucco in a sentence?

Example sentence - Their house was stucco on the outside and had to be repaired quite often.

Cost to stucco?

It can cost 30 to 40,000 dollars to stucco a house. Houses in southern climates are made of stucco more often because they last longer.

What does it cost to stucco a house?

Stucco costs about the same as brick, which is 2-5 times the cost of vinyl siding.

What is a sentence for stucco?

Example sentence - Using stucco on the outside of a house is a poor choice in cold, wet climates.

Would a wood house take more paint than a stucco house?

If they are about the same size, yes, because wood is much more absorbent than the mortar of stucco by far.

What are the pros and cons of stucco on a house?

Before you will a new house, you should think about the pros and cons of stucco on a house. The main advantages of stucco exteriors is their durability. moreover it is considered fireproof. The main unadvantages from the high cost and tendency to be messy. Your new house given the time it need, What is also present disadvantages of it and over time it will be destroyed. You should consider when using this type for your home.

What are the benefits of using stucco for a house?

Stucco seals your walls and provides a level of insulation for energy savings. Stucco is also paintable so you can have a wide selection of colors. Only it is not the easiest material to clean. Vinal and wood siding does not seal the walls.

Is house a concrete noun or abstract?

The noun house is a concrete noun, a house can be seen and touched.

What was a colonial house made out of in the colonial times?

stucco,wood ,brick,coquina,rocks

How do you make thermacol house?

It's rather like building with Legos. Stack them up leaving holes for doors and windows. Be sure to add your rebar and fill the holes with concrete. Then you need to stucco the outside, finish the inside and put a roof on it.

What Percentage of cement is used in concrete in a house?

the concrete used in a house is 47% cement

How do you stop woodpeckers from destroying the stucco exterior of our house in Arizona?

feed them some poisoned nuts

How do you re stucco your house?

for mike holmes, i want to re stucco my stucco house it is 18 years old and showing some crackers a chipping it was colored coated and I do not know what product to use I live in Payson AZ. 5,000 ft high very warm in the summer and cold with freezing at times ,The stucco has held up real good but I would like to clean it up. do I re stucco with a second coat of color coat, I have seen some homes with painted stucco over block and the line of the blocks are showing up white , My Large is block stucco with color coat the house is a framed wood house stucco color coated and there has never been a difference in the color coat . I understand that some paints keep in moisture , my quotes were high either way so if I am going to do this want to do it the right way and use the best way to go my husband was in construction all his life and did it all and was a perfectionist built our home and re modeled a greyhound bus from stracth I would not need help if he were here but he died 4years ago and I don't know just what to do , so you help would be appreciated. thank you bobbie Ward

How do you clean egg off stucco house?

I heard Arm & Hammer laundry detergent and a scrub brush works.

How do you make a house on Doodle God?


Is house a concrete noun?

Yes, the noun 'house' is a concrete noun, a word for a physical structure; a word for a physical thing.The word 'house' is also a verb: house, houses, housing, housed.

How do I do concrete resurfacing?

The floors in my house are made of concrete but it is getting chipped and worn. How do I go about doing concrete resurfacing in my home?

How do you clean off colored stucco that was accidentally splashed on concrete while stuccoing a wall of a house other than using muriatic acid?

I have used a good pressure washer [not the cheap low pressure type] to literally "blast" fresh concrete, stucco, drywall "mud" [very easy' and a variety of materials on concrete slabs. driveways, and sidewalks. IF you get to it quick, it is easier than if you allow the unwanted material to fully, set/dry/cure for hours or days. If the water pressure is high enough, and the wand is held at the proper angle then, usually, this will work. I have even managed to remove dried exterior paints. Normally, no detergent or cleaners [via the pressure washer] make no difference, so to use them is a waste of material and money. If the pressure washer is unsuccessful, I have then used an air [pneumatic] tool called a "needle scaler] which will do the job, but care must me exercised to prevent damaging [chipping away] the concrete surface from which you want the stucco removed.

What makes houses waterproof?

Good drainage is vital to having a dry house. A solid foundation with the drainage system and a waterproof membrane are critical. The ground around the house needs to slope away from the foundation. A good roof also protects the house, as do the siding materials.

Where can one purchase a waterproof basement?

You can learn to waterproof your basement on your own by going online to WikiHow. They will teach you how to in 8 steps. This Old House has a video on how to waterproof your basement. Do It Yourself online has instructions and tips on how to accomplish the waterproofing of your basement.

What paint is best to be used on concrete?

I would like to cover up some concrete from the back of my house. Which type of paint can be used on concrete?

How safe are houses that are made from concrete containing no sand?

for the past 25yrs ive lived in a house that's made of no-fines concrete. i had a buyer for my house but when he realized the construction of the house he changed his mind

Is house a concrete noun or a proper noun?

The word house is a singular, common, concrete noun.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title such as The White House, House Springs MO, or the TV show 'House' and the lead character, Dr. House.

How many cubic meters of reinforced concrete are there on an average house?

The only place you'll find concrete on the "average house" is its footing. The average house footing will contain between 5 and 8 cubic yards (3.8 and 6.1 cubic meters) of concrete. Note: house footings contain very little or no reinforcement.

How do you make a house in Doodle God?

Bricks and concrete

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