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Any child of a green card holder is eligible to apply, married or not. But the wait time for married children and children over the age of 18 is about 10 yrs.

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2010-05-06 16:18:11
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Q: Is married child of green card holder eligible for green card?
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If a tourist and green card holder got married in the US what would be the best recourse for them to take to make the tourist eligible to join his spouse in the States?

== == yes they chould

Can you be a US citizen if your child US citizen and your wife are an US citizens?

Yes provided you are a green card holder in the first place.Only if you have stayed continuously for minimum 5 years in US as a green card holder you are eligible to file Form N-400 to become a US citizen. If you are not a green card holder yet your wife can petition for you.

How do you Become an American Citizen When Married to an American?

Green card holder

Can green card holder father take child fro the illegal mother?


Can a green card holder who is married to a U.S. citizen be deported if he is convicted of a crime?


Can you get legal status in US if you get married to a 10 year green card holder?

i have read that they can

Does green card holder can bring his wife and child in us?

Yes with form I 310

Can you get a driver's license if you're married to a lawful green card holder?

if you have legal papers from your spouse as a lawful green card holder then yes, you can but if your papers are not yet fixed, then there is no way you can get one.

What are the benefits of child of green card holder in engineering colleges in madhya pradesh?

No there is no benefit of green card after 12th class

You are on a valid H1B visa and getting married to a green card holder what is a quicker way to get your green card through your green card holder spouse or sponsored by your employer?

Hi I got married to a green card Holder outside India. I applied for H1b and got my work visa and came to Us through that. Hoe can i convert my H1b to greencard.He got his green card 3 and half months before. can anyone answer

How can a abused green card holder get a divorce?

You will have to file for divorce in the same country where you got married.

How long for you to become a green card holder married to a citizen?

Not too long give it time.

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