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Q: Is mars in a orbitel resonance with another body?
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Is Mars an orbit with another solar body?

Mars orbits the Sun.

Is mars in an orbit with another body?

It orbits around the sun like every other body.

Was an animal sent to mars?

No living creature of any kind has been sent to Mars, not even microbes (all components of a spacecraft that will land on another body are sterilized before assembly).

What is one planetary body?

Mars is a planetary body.

Is Mars the 2 largest?

Mars is the second largest but it can be argued between scientist's Mars may be the same size of another planet or be smaller than another planet

Why did no body go to mars?

you die

Is there another planet which you can live on?


What is the closest natural body to Earth?


What is the orgin of Mars body?

Mars cannot have an organ. Its impossible. For instance, a fruit cup. lol!

Is Mars a similar to another satellite etc in your solar system?

Mars is most similar to Earth.

What is another name you call Mars why do you call it that?

The Greek god Ares was called Mars in Rome.

What is Bruno Mars cds called?

one is earth to mars and another is doo woops and holigans