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Smaller, Mars is about half the size of Earth

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Q: Is mars smaller or larger than earth?
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Related questions

Is Mars larger than Earth or smaller than Earth?

Mars is smaller than Earth.

Is Mars smaller or larger earth?

no earth is smaller than mars

Is Mars is larger or smaller than earth?

Smaller, Mars is about half the size of Earth

Is mars smaller than earth or larger?

it is smaller

What planet is smaller than earth but larger than mercury?

Mars and Venus are both smaller than Earth but larger than Mercury

What planet is larger than Mercury but is smaller than Earth?

Both Venus and Mars are smaller than Earth but larger than Mercury.

Is the planet Mars larger or smaller than earth?


Is Mars smaller than your moon?

No, Mars is much larger than Earth's moon.

Is mars diameter larger or smaller than earth's diameter?


Is the gravity on mars smaller or larger then earth?

Gravity on Mars is substantially lower than on Earth.

How is earth smaller than Mars?

Earth is not smaller than Mars, Mars is about half the size of Earth which makes Mars is smaller than Earth

Can Venus is the largest planet than mars or not?

Venus is larger than Mars, but a little smaller than Earth.

What are the four planets larger than the earth and what are the smaller planets then the earth?

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are much larger than earth. Venus (slightly), Mars (by half) and Mercury are smaller than earth.

Is mars larger or smaller than earths?

well mars is actually smaller then the earth

Is mars a rocky planet larger than earth?

It is a rocky planet that is much smaller and colder than earth.

Is Mars bigger or smaller than the earth?

Mars is smaller than the earth

What planets are bigger than Mars?

Mercury is smaller than Mars, all of the other planets are larger. That means Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all larger than Mars.

What is bigger than Pluto but smaller than Mars?

Both Earth's moon and Mercury are larger than Pluto yet smaller than Mars.

Which is smaller the earth or mars?

Mars is much smaller than Earth.

Is Mars smaller than earth?

Mars is substantially smaller than Earth, with about half the diameter.

Is true that mars is a rocky planet that is much warmer and larger than earth?

It is a rocky planet but smaller and colder than the earth

Mars size compared to earth?

The planet Mars is smaller than the Earth. It is also smaller than the planet Venus, which is the planet that is closest in size to the Earth (but like Mars, Venus is smaller than the Earth).

How many times larger is earth than mars?

Earth is about 1.88 times larger than Mars

Is mars rocky planet that is much warmer and larger than earth?

It's a rocky planet, but is much smaller than earth and colder.

Is mars bigger than earth or small than earth?

mars is smaller than earth