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No, its smaller than the Earth.


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Earth is roughly twice the size of Mars.

Earth is roughly twice the size of Mars.

No, Mars isn't twice the size of the Earth. The equatorial diameter of the Earth is 7,926 mi (12,760 km), while the equatorial diameter of Mars is 4,220 mi (6,792 km). So we can tell that the Earth is twice the size of Mars, not the other way round.

a martian year is about twice as long as an earth year...

It takes mars twice as long to make a full revolution around the sun than it takes earth.

Earth is bigger. Earth is about twice the diameter of Mars and more than 6 times the volume.

Surface gravity on Earth is more than twice that of Mars.

Earth is about twice the size of Mars. The radius from core to surface of Mars is 3396km whereas the radius from core to surface of Earth is 6371km.

it is not mars is 6794.4 km in diameter where as earth is 12,756.28 km nearly twice as big

Not quite exactly, or nowhere-near, depending on what you mean by "how fast".Period of orbitEarth . . . 365.26 earth-daysMars. . . . 686.97 earth-daysThe Earth takes 53.2% as long as Mars does to orbit the sun. But that's "orbiting about twice as frequently", not "orbiting twice as fast".Average orbital speedEarth . . . 29.8 kms-1Mars. . . . 24.1 kms-1Earth only moves 26% faster than Mars in its orbit.

Actually, the answer is Mars. Mars' revolution is 1.88 years which is almost twice as the revolution of Earth.

Mars has roughly twice the Earth's period of revolution.

Yes, Mars has all the same seasons as earth. On Mars they are roughly twice as long, however.

Mars has seasons twice as long as Earth's seasons because a year on Mars is twice as long as a year on Earth. Therefore, its seasons are longer, with spring being the longest.

Earth is roughly twice as large as Mars, so it would take 2 Mars (approx.) to equal Earth.

Earth is more than twice the size of Mars, 53%, so only one complete 'Mars' could fit inside the Earth.

No, Mars is actually smaller than Earth. But if the valles marineris was on Earth it would stretch across most of North America!

Mars has an orbital period of very approximately twice that of the earth

It takes nearly twice as much time for Mars to get around the Sun than Earth. In Earth days, it takes Mars 686.980 days to make the same orbit.

Mars has a similar size to the Earth. There may be life on Mars. Actually, the Earth is almost twice the size of Mars (1.88 --> 1). Venus is much closer to the size of Earth (1.05 --> 1)

The earth is about twice as large (in diameter) as Mars, but the earth's mass (weight) is ten times greater.

No. The Sun would appear to be about 40% smaller from Mars, because Mars is about 40% further away from the Sun than Earth is.

On Mars, there is low gravity, so there you could jump twice as high as you can on Earth. The acceleration due to gravity on mars is 3.71 m/s2, which is 0.379 times that of Earth. (The gravity on Earth is 2.64 times greater than the gravity on Mars.)

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