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Is the individual being abused a child, incompetent or elderly? Yes, It is a crime

Is the individual being abused a competent adult? No abuse (thou I would recommend a mental evaluation if such abuse is being allowed)

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Yes, you probably can't have someone arrested for it but would be referred to as emotional and verbal abuse. Neglect is also a form of abuse

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Q: Is mental abuse a crime
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Is verbal assault or abuse a crime in Washington state?

From my brief research it appears that both verbal abuse AND mental abuse are both chargeable offenses under WA law.

What abuse is taking away a person's privilege's?

What is a potential sign of physical abuse

What is more damaging mental or physical abuse to a woman?

I believe mental abuse is worse. Physical abuse the marks eventually go away. Mental abuse , those scars may never go away depending on how much abuse there was.

Is mental abuse grounds for divorce in SC?

No, Mental abuse and irreconcilable differences are not recognized by SC

Can you die with mental abuse?


What is psychic violence?

Mental abuse.

Is sleep deprivation a form of abuse?

It can be considered a form of mental and physical abuse.

What happens to people who are abusers?

You dont say what type of abuser, Although all abuse is wrong in the UK emotional- mental abuse is not considered a crime against an adult,even though it carries all the same risk to the victims mental health and wellbeing,In answer to your question(What happens to abusers) if they are not caught they go on to abuse others and if they are caught they get whats coming to them in terms of a prison sentence. My answer is one word, Karma.

How long before you charge someone with mental abuse?

You technically can not charge them for mental abuse. You can only get them charged if a direct threat towards you can be proven.

Why is Necrophilla a crime?

Such a crime involves the abuse of a corpse, which is disrespectful to the family.

Is elder and persons with disabilities abuse a crime?

Any abuse is a crime.... So when you hit your grandma or your disabled uncle.... you can go to prison.

What is verbal and mental abuse?

Verbal and mental abuse are kind of a cause and affect. When somebody verbally abuses you so badly it eventually, over time, turns into a mental abuse which means you start believing what the abuser says, and less of what you feel and think.