Is methylparaben ok during pregnancy?


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no not good to pregnant women

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Yes. It is OK to drink coffee during pregnancy. But too much of it is not OK otherwise also.

Yes, you ccan have Tang during pregnancy.

is it ok to eat crab and lobster during pregnancy?

Yes. White discharge is common during pregnancy

Yes, diarrhea during the pregnancy will not affect the baby or the safety.

It is quite normal to have headaches during pregnancy, due to stress, colds etc, the same as a non-pregnant person.

"Decaf Coffee does have caffeine. However, caffeine in moderation is ok during pregnancy. Decaf Coffee in moderation would be safe during pregnancy."

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basicly, it is ok to have anything you usually have durring a pregnancy, not includingdrugs, alchohal, and you can't smoke. if you feel like having somthing that you rarely have during a pregnancy, check with a doctor to see if it ould be ok. for you and the baby.

Not during a normal, healthy pregnancy. Leave the heavy lifting to someone else - but with your doctor's OK you should be just fine.

My doctor prescribed it to me for my back and i am 22 weeks....

Yes. It is okay to eat during pregnancy.

You should be okay early, but your side is the best position to lay on during pregnancy.

You should contact your doctor for any bleeding during a pregnancy.

Sodium is ionic, meaning that sodium methylparaben has a polarity that methylparaben does not. Polar solutions will always be more soluble in other polar solutions (like water, for example) than in non-polar solutions.

No ANY food color is ever good.

Any fruits would be ok to Eat while pregnant...

What you watch on TV or movies can not harm the baby.

I have spotting.its not alot its brown but im 27 weeks and 20 years old am I ok

some investigators identified a weak relishionship between methylparaben and breast cancer

It is never okay to bleed during pregnancy. Some women do have bleeding, and go on to have normal pregnancies. However, you should call your doctor immediately when you have bleeding during pregnancy. I hope the best for you. Good Luck!

Yes, cause infection can lead to premature contractions.

Pregnancy doesnt affect the colour of urine. lighter urine probably means you are drinking enough fluid.

Yes. Sex is safe for the baby throughout pregnancy unless your doctor states otherwise.

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