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Is micro evolution different than evolution?


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Evolution is a general term meaning how species change over time.

This can be split into two groups- micro-evolution and macro-evolution.

Micro-evolution is the change within a species. For example, as humans we are slowly getting taller- however our short ancestors and ourselves were not different species.

Macro-evolution is the change between species, for example the transition from apes to humans.

The fundamental difference between these two types of evolution, other than the fact that one is between species and one is inside a species, is that micro-evolution is accepted everywhere as we can see it happening today, it also does not contradict with various creation accounts from religion. Macro-evolution on the other hand is not accepted by everyone as we cannot see it happening. It also goes against creation accounts such as the one of Genesis in which God created all the creatures as they are today- not as different oes that evolved into todays life on Earth.


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example of an micro-evolution in an organism?

You are an example of human micro-evolution as the population of humans has changed allele frequency over time. Micro-evolution is just evolution; change over time.

Micro-evolution is not only a part of macro-evolution, it is the same mechanism as macro-evolution. Macro-evolution includes speciation, as a result of continuing micro-evolution.

The difference between micro and macro evolution is that micro evolution does not involve creation any new allele while macro evolution involves creation of the new alleles.

Evolution is sometimes described as macro-evolution, which is the long-term evolution of an entire new species, and micro-evolution, which is largely to do with less significant evolutionary changes within a species. Many creationists accept the existence of micro-evolution, but say that macro-evolution does not occur.

Micro-evolution is a perspective on evolution, just life macro-evolution is a perspective on evolution. Micro-evolution is evolution seen at small scales; macro-evolution is evolution seen at larger scales. But they're both perspectives on the same process: reproductive variation and differential reproductive success causing divergence between populations.

Your question is a bit too broad. There is actually just one Theory of Evolution, that encompasses many different biological disciplines. Some people, particularly Creationist or Intelligent Design advocates, try to separate Evolution in Macro-Evolution and Micro-Evolution, but that is really a false division invented to forward there religious agenda.

Genetic mutation is one of the mechanisms for evolution.Micro-evolution by definition means very small changes in allele frequency (gene mutation).

Any sort of nucleotide switches exist in the realm of evolution, and can lead to 'micro' and then 'macro' evolution.

No, the plants may be small, but the evolution is macro.

the domestication of dogs into various breeds

Micro evolution can lead to macroevolution

Micro-evolution is technically defined as evolution within a species, anything up to speciation without actual speciation. Macro-evolution is all evolution starting with speciation. It is important to note that these terms do not refer to different processes: they describe the same process, evolution. The only difference is an arbitrary line drawn by humans, like the line drawn between a walk around the block and a cross-county hike: they both refer to the process of walking; the only real difference is distance.

Yes, the two words are interchangeable, but older biologists prefer to speak of evolution and speciation rather than micro and macroevolution.

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Macro and micro. Do not kid yourself however, they are nothing alike.

microevolution is small evolution. macroevolution is big evolution. micro mean small and macro means big.

what is the different between macro taxonomy & micro taxonomy

For example: "Different species may or may not have different rates of evolution." That statement is consistent with the theory of evolution. There are many others. Your question is unclear.

they can be but because of evolution an animal can look totally different than another but they can be the same animal

If you use the micro-macro dichotomy then no Speciation is macro evolution. To be precise, biologists, though many biology texts do not conform, say evolution and speciation.

i dunno which is which but they evolve with the kind that is just due to a degrading birth defect or mutation for the worse cuz "evolution" is false!

Macro-evolution is a large scale perspective on the effects of evolution, just as micro-evolution is a small scale perspective on the effects of evolution. Evolution produces continuous divergence. Divergence between the genome of one generation of a population and a specific ancestral genome, and divergence between sibling branches stemming from the same ancestor. If one focuses on the variation and divergence occurring within a species, it is micro-evolution that one is studying. When one zooms out and sees the divergence continue beyond the point of speciation, it is macro-evolution that one sees. The process and the effects it causes are the same; the perspective differs.

Some would call that microevolution. I would not. Some divide evolution into micro and macro. Evolutionary biologists prefer to use the terms evolution and speciation.

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