Is microphone a Greek word

Updated: 11/6/2022
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The word is composite and the parts are definitely Greek. Micro means small and phone means voice

In Greek, they are written as: μικρόφωνο

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Q: Is microphone a Greek word
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What words come from the Greek word phone?

Telephone, microphone, phonics

Were does the word microphone come from?

The word "microphone" comes from the Greek words "micros," meaning small, and "phone," meaning sound. It was first coined in the late 19th century to describe a device that converts sound waves into electrical signals.

What is the greek root word for phon?

The Greek root word for "phon" is "phone," which means "sound" or "voice." It is commonly used in words related to sound or communication, such as telephone, microphone, and symphony.

How many syllables in the word microphone?

The word microphone has three syllables.

What is a sentence using the word microphone?

Please bring me that microphone. Harold, turn up the microphone.

A sentence for the word microphone?

The singer held the microphone close to her mouth as she belted out the high notes.

Is microphone a commonn or proper noun?

"Microphone" is a common noun because it refers to a general type of device used to capture sound.

Is microphone a compound word?

Yes, "microphone" is a compound word made up of the roots "micro" meaning small and "phone" meaning sound.

How do you put the word microphone in a sentence?

The microphone wasn't turned on, so the audience couldn't hear him singing.

Who was the 1980's sportscaster fired for racist remarks?

One was Ron Atkinson, commentator of English soccer matches. He presumed the microphone was off when he used the "N" word.

What does phone mean?

The word 'phone' means sound - as in the words telephoneor microphone.

What is the origin of the word microphone?

The word microphone made up from two Greek words, mikros "small" + phone "sound".Apparently the word first appeared in a dictionary in 1683 and referred to "an instrument by which small sounds are intensified".Obviously electrical microphones for radio transmission and sound recording had not yet been invented at that time, so a 'microphone' at that time meant a hearing device such as an ear trumpet or a megaphone, both of which were used to amplify sound.The electrical version, i.e. for the telephone, (invented by Alexander Graham Bell, 1876) was originally called a 'telephone transmitter', not a microphone.It was only later that the word 'microphone' was used to describe the mouthpiece used for electrical/radio transmissions and sound recordings.Different people have been credited with coining the word 'microphone', so it does not seem possible to identify with certainty the first person who actually 'invented' the word.