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Hell no!!If that was a sport all the nerds would be popular

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Q: Is middle school marching band a sport?
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Is school an adjective in school marching band?

yes school is an adjective in school marching band.

Do you think marching band a sport?

According to the definition of "sport," yes.

When was Mechanicsburg High School Marching Band created?

Mechanicsburg High School Marching Band was created in 1929.

Was Taylor Swift in marching band in school?

Have you seen the music video "You belong with me"? That should answer your question. (In other words, no)

Who agrees that Marching Band is in fact a sport?

Yes it is you have to know how to do the movements.

How big is the 2009 Moore middle school marching band?

THE ANSWER IS........... 115 people including color guard(no drill team)

What bands participated in Obama's parade route?

Some of the bands that participated in Obama's Parade Route were:Trumbull high School Golden Eagle Marching Band, CTPunahou School Marching Band, HIPetal High School Marching Band, MSThose were some of the bands that participated in Obama's Parade Route.Citizens' Hose Company Marching Band, Smyrna DE

Who will be in the 2011 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Participants in the 2011 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade include:Bands:Carmel High School Marching Band, Carmel, IndianaDobyns-Bennett Marching Indian Band, Kingsport, TennesseeHawaii All-State Marching Band, Kaneohe, HawaiiHomestead High School Marching Band, Cupertino, CaliforniaHomewood Patriot Band, Homewood, AlabamaLegacy High School Lightning Marching Band, Broomfield, ColoradoMacy's Great American Marching Band, USAMiami University Marching Band, Oxford, OhioNation Ford High School Marching Band, Fort Mill, South CarolinaNYPD Marching Band, New YorkPlymouth-Canton Educational Park Marching Band, Canton, MichiganPerformance Groups:Spirit of America DanceVariety Spirit Cjeer610 StompersAlma BolivianaCamp Broadway KidsCap 21Mobile Azalea Trial MaidsOf course, there will be novelty balloons and giant balloons that Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is famous for!

Where can a trumpet be heard?

In a school band, in a brass group, in a marching band, ect.

What marching band appeared in Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl music video?

Fountain Valley High School's marching band

Are there flutes in a high school marching band?

Normally. A lot of high school marching bands even march picolos.

Do they have marching band in college or in high school?

most high schools have marching bands and a lot of colleges have marching bands