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Q: Is mike awesome the dad of the miz?
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How awesome is the miz?

Pretty awesome

Who is WWE the miz?


What are all the cheats of smackown vs raw 2011 for ps2?

the game is awesome. i like the miz and john cena. the miz is awesome!!! and ucme and cenation.

What is miz real name from wrestling?

The Miz's real name is Mike Mizanin.

What is the miz birth name?

The Miz name is Michael Gregory Mizanin

Who sings WWE theme song awesome?

The Miz

What is The Miz's real name?

His real name is Micheal Mizanin. <-- HAHAHAHA trust me he is a joke...... he thinks he is awesome. He's not. Honestly, i think he's gay. Really he's almost 30 and isn't married. Maybe he tries and just isn't lucky?!

Who won the United States championship at the royal rumble in 2010?

The miz..... Because hes the Miz and hes AWESOME

What is the The Miz real name?

Michael "Mike" Mizanin

Does WWE miz have a Facebook?

Yes. Mike Mizanin aka The Miz has facebook and it is approved by the wwe and facebook here is the link

Who is better the miz or tomy dreamer?

the miz is better even though Tommy dreamer has been in wrestling a lot longer and the miz real name is mike mizanin

What is the real name of the Miz?

mike mizaninhis name is mike Mizanin