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yes, definetly! (but her songs are awsome!!)

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Who is Miley Cyrus's enemies?

This is crazy! Why would Miley Cyrus have a enemie?

What is a good song to go crazy?

let's get crazy by Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus liks women well that's what she said

Does Miley Cyrus have an eating disorder?

well lets see multipersonality disorder im Hannah no miley no Hannah no miley she CRAZY

Who is crazy famous?

Miley Cyrus and jonus brothers

Why is miley going crazy?

no she is just a typical teen

Why is Lindo Korchi going out with crazy Miley Cyrus?

NO! they are NOT going out!

Why did Miley Cyrus give up doing her show?

she was crazy

Does Miley Cyrus hate kids?

definally not are u crazy i think ur crazy for even typing in this question

Why did the Jonas brothers write got you going crazy?

i think they wrote the "got me going crazy" part because of Miley because she is like crazy!

Has Miley Cyrus gone boy crazy?

i don't think miley is gone boy crazy but she has gone crazy with poles she always wears shorts and short tops i am a miley fan but after miley's performance at the teen choice awards she started to like hump a pole or something WOW miley please go back to your normal self i blame Mandy jiroux miley's BFF

Why did Miley Cyrus write lets get crazy?

because she felt like it

Is Miley Cyrus crazy?

It is not the purpose of WikiAnswers to comment on the mental health of celebrities.

Does Miley Cyrus is crazy?

No, she's just human and we humans make mistakes

Who sings the song Lets Get Crazy?

im pretty sure its Miley Cyrus

What are good adjectives that describe Miley Cyrus?

She is CRAZY!!! But, we still hate/love? her...=}

Who wrote I can't be tamed by Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus did.. she is the one and i know because she has tht crazy yet creative mind like that.

Is Miley Cyrus a serious person?

well people know miley as the funny crazy hilarious girl but yes she is a serious person when she wants to be one

Is Miley Cyrus in jall?

No! Are you crazy? Why would she? She did not do anything wrong! She is a great role model!

How many people like Miley Cyrus?

i think she has gone crazy. she used to be my role model now i just HATE her. sorry miley but blue and short hair and getting married. too much too crazy. more than 1000

What is miley cyrus's favorite dessert?

little boys and girls cause she is crazycheese cake

Has Miley Cyrus ever cried on stage?

Probably because she was so happy the fans were crazy about her.

How did Miley Cyrus die in Hannah Montana?

she didn't? and she probably will by her stupid crazy annoying fans.

Is Hermoine Granger hotter than Miley Cyrus?

any one who thinks Miley Cyrus is hotter than hermoine r crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really wise up!!!!

Is Miley Cyrus cool to hang out with?

yes , Miley Cyrus is really cool shes awesome ! you would have a great time hanging out with her shes very funny ,crazy and sweet :)

Why do people like Miley Cyrus Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez?

Because Miley is crazy, Selena is best friends with a sexy hottie named Demi! Oh. Thanks.

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