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Is milk fattening?

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Not really. Whole milk, buttermilk, and cream (1/2 and 1/2) can be high in fat content. But, in moderation, they are totally healthy and fine.

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Is soy milk fattening?

no soya milk is not fattening.. it helps you lose your belly fat... a soya shake a day wouldn't harm you!!!

Is white chocolate more fattening than milk and dark chocolate?

Yes white chocolate is more fattening than milk and dark chocolate.

Is dark chocolate fattening?

It is a bit unhealthy for you but healteaist chocolate. It is not fattening; only milk chocolate & white choclate

Is coconut milk fattening?

That's a smack! NO. has less fat then cow milk and goat milk. and it's also healthy in Cake

Is milk chocolate good or bad?

It's good but more fattening.

Is tea fattening?

It depends on what type of tea you drink, if you have milk and if you have sugar.

Can you leave cream out?

yes! Cream is very fattening and you can always substitute with milk.

Is whole milk bad for you?

it has alot more calcium, but is alot more fattening, try skim milk for a healthier choice or even flavored soy milk

Is creamer for coffee fattening?

Creamer for coffee is fattening. Anything with the word cream in it contains rich dairy, and therefore there is milk-fat involved. If you use a small amount it is not very fattening, and there are claims it will prevent the coffee from staining your teeth.

Are lattes fattenning?

A latte is a hot drink made with espresso coffee and steamed milk. Lattes are fattening if they are made with full fat milk.

Can you substitute cream for milk in cake recipe?

Yes, you can substitute cream for milk in a cake recipe, and your cake will be richer (and more fattening) as a result.

Is chocolate milk as bad as soda?

It's better because it has milk & doesn't erode your enamel. It is more fattening however, so shouldn't drink it all day.

Are pretzels fattening?

They are not fattening

Can papaya milk make breasts bigger?

Papaya is fattening, so yes, your boobs will get bigger along with the rest of your body.

Is carrot fattening?

No a carrot is not fattening.

Why is wine fattening?

Wine isn't fattening.

Is salmon fattening?

Salmon is not fattening at all.

Are chickpeas fattening?

NO. They can be fattening in fried form.

Is cream cheese fattening?

Yes, it is fattening.

How fattening is Mountain Dew?

real fattening

Is beer fattening?

Light beer is not as fattening as strong beer bu tall beer is fattening

What is more fattening porridge with banana or bran flakes with milk?

Porridge got more calories in it but its more nutritious than branflakes

Are eggplants fattening?

Eggplant is not fattening in itself, but if it is fried in oil, the oil may be fattening. In a stew, eggplant is no more fattening than any other vegetable.

Is ham fattening?

yes ham is very fattening

In what way is vodka fattening?

Surprisingly, vodka is not fattening.