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Tofu needs to contain tofu to be tofu.

So yes, tofu contains tofu.

Tofu is made from soybeans.

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Does tofu contain gluten?

Tofu does not contain gluten as long as it is the plain kind. Several types of flavored tofu do contain gluten.

Does tofu contain aluminum?


Where can I find tofu recipes?

There are many excellent cookbooks available at your local library which will contain tofu recipes. Recipe sites such as allrecipes are good sources as well.

What is the point of tofu bacon?

Tofu bacon or "fakin bacon" does not contain any pig flesh. It is suitable for vegetarians who wish to eat a food that is similar in taste and consistency to bacon.

Is tofu high in uric acid?

No, tofu does not contain uric acid. However it contains purines, which our body breaks down into uric acid. Tofu has however between half to a third of the uric acid contained in meat, so tofu is recommended as a meat substitute for people suffering from gout. Soy milk seems to cause more problems than tofu, so stick to tofu or to fermented soy products such as miso or tempeh.

Does tofu melt?

Assume that 'melt' here is in the same sense that cheese melt, no, Tofu does not melt. This is because cheese contain casein which cause the soft, stringly sticky character of melted cheese and Tofu does not. This may also be because of the heat damage caused in the tofu making process. Cheese made from cooked milk ( like Ricotta cheese) are crumbly and will not melt just like Tofu which is made from cooked soy. The closest thing you can get to a 'melted' tofu is finely mashed tofu with nutrition yeast.

What are some food that contain protein?

Tofu, meat, fish, kidney beans, chick peas,poultry,nuts.

Does bean curd contain lime salt?

By bean curd if you mean tofu, no it doesn't. It's make from soy milk that is curdled by adding a sea weed derivative. Then the curds are strained and pressed into squares of tofu.

What is chilled tofu?

chilled tofu is...tofu is like a white square made of something its just when regular tofu is cold.

Who is tofu suitable for?

Vegetarians and vegans can both eat tofu because it does not contain any animal products or byproducts. It contains soy milk and bean curd, and goes well with peanut butter (which is NOT suitable for vegans, but can be suitable for vegetarians).

Is tofu cheese?

No, tofu is a bean product

What are tofu colors?

Tofu Are A Light Shade Of Peach.

Is tofu vegetarian?

Is there meat in tofu? No. Therefore, it is vegetarian.

How much protein is there in tofu?

Tofu is full of protein: "about 10.7% for firm tofu and 5.3% for soft "silken" tofu with about 2% and 1% fat respectively as a percentage of weight."

What are some easy tofu recipes?

Tasty tofu recipes & simple tofu cooking: It's easy to learn how to cook tofu, and tofu is one of the most versatile protein rich foods for vegetarians and vegans Round out a light meal of soup or salad with the addition of some tofu.

What foods contain the most Iron?

masa, pumpkin seeds, spinach, octopus, cocoa beans, tofu and rice are all high in iron

Does olive oil contain protein?

No, it is a monounsaturated fat meaning it is a lipid. Proteins are found in your hair, muscles, red meat, beans and tofu.

Is tofu a source of protein?

Yes, tofu is a source of protein. !

What country did tofu come from?

Tofu was first invented in China.

Where can you get tofu?

You can purchase tofu at supermarkets, Asian stores and online.

When was Tofu Records created?

Tofu Records was created in 2003.

Can you freeze cream soups made with tofu?

no the tofu will rot and produce mold in your frezer ^^ the previous answer is wrong..you CAN freeze soups made with tofu...you can freeze tofu in general! freezing tofu gives it a more "meaty" texture..it WILL NOT rot and produce mold in your freezer..its impossible for frozen tofu to produce mold in a freezer

What is in tofu?

Tofu is made of soy milk curdled with a coagulant such as seawater extract. It is then cut into blocks and pressed under a weight to get firm or extra firm tofu, except for soft tofu which is not pressed.

Is tofu high in potassium?

No, there are found just very small amounts of Potassium in tofu. However tofu is rich in Calcium and Iron.

How you know if tofu is rotten?

Tofu should have form and be mostly odorless. If there is a strange smell, the tofu is crumbling or curdled, it is not safe to eat.

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