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Is mineral water heavier or lighter than distilled water at STP?

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Mineral water will be more dense than distilled water. The disolved material adds mass, but does not increase the volume.

2006-09-01 14:07:16
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What is the different distilled water and mineral water?

Distilled water is a pure water, mineral water contain many impurities.

How mineral water does differ from distilled water?

Mineral water is high in mineral content Distilled water is very low in mineral content as a result of being distiled.

When an object is in water is it heavier or lighter?


Is distilled water softer or harder then tap and mineral water?

mineral is the hardest because hard water equal high mineral contenttherefore distilled water is soft then mineral and more softer in tap

Is Saturn lighter or heavier than water?

it is lighter than water.

Which water is safe to drink distilled water mineral water or top water?

Among distilled, mineral, and top water, it is usually safe to drink them off. Distilled water is the best option as it has had all contaminates removed and is pure water.

Is mineral water better than distilled water?

Distilled water is recommended for use in laboratories, cars, special industries; mineral water is recommended for drinking (but with moderation).

Is household bleach heavier or lighter than water?


Is oxygen lighter or heavier than air?

Oxygen is the heavier part, nitrogen and argon are lighter, even water vapor is lighter.

Can Mineral Water be used in batteries?

No, distilled water is the only water that can be used in batteries. Distilled water contains no chemicals or minerals.

Is mineral water a distilled water?

nope, the opposite. Distilled water is water with most of the minerals removed (excpet probably a fair degree of Carbonate and sulfide), mineral water is water with extra minerals added.

What is the difference between mineral water and still water?

I think you mean mineral and Distilled water. Mineral water means it might have different sorts of minerals like chemicals and iron in it and Distilled means it has been purified under moderation.

Is there any material that becomes heavier when submerged in water and lighter when it is taken out?

A porous object absorb water and is heavier. In air the water is evaporated and the object become lighter.

Is diesel fuel heavier than water?

no oil is lighter then water (not as dens) fuel is lighter then water so i would say the ingreedience combined wouldn't make it heavier

Is oil heavier or lighter than water?

lighter...that's why oil mixed with water floats on the top

Is a solution heavier than a solvent?

Depends on the solute: alcohol in water is lighter, salt in water is heavier than water.

Is very salty water heavier or lighter?


What the use of the mineral water to battery?

Add nothing but distilled water to a battery.

What make things float in salt water?

Basically, if something is lighter than water, it will float. If the water is somehow made heavier, more things will be lighter than it. If you add a lot of salt to water, the body of water becomes heavier. Something that is heavier than water might be lighter than saltwater and float in saltwater but not normal water.

Is water heavier than Mercury?

No, water is lighter than mercury.

What is heavier than water but lighter than mercury?

salted water

Is water lighter than vegetable oil?

No water is heavier then oil.

What is the difference between mineral water and distilled water?

mineral water contains salts. Distilled water does not contain any salts, it's just water. And bottled water comes in a bottle. As a "food" item I expect it has to pass food safety standards, but otherwise it could be anything. Mineral water is water that has had minerals dissolved into it as a result of being stored underground. Spring water is mineral water for example. Depending on where the mineral water has come from effects the mineral content of the water. Distilled water on the other hand has been distilled. That mean it has been turned into steam, then the steam is allowed to cool turning it back into water in a clean container. What happens as a result is that only the water turns into steam leaving the mineral content behind giving you pure water with no mineral content.

Mineral water-is it hard or soft?

Mineral water is hard because there are minerals inside the water unlike Distilled water which has no minerals which is soft.

Which distilled water or mineral water is good for radiator?

You want to use DISTILLED WATER - any of the chain autoparts stores should have it in gallons. Mineral water has, well, minerals. Distilled water has close to all removed. Mineral water will corrode the cooling system and cause scale build-up. 1/8" of scale has the same insulating factor as 4" of iron - you do not want that.