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Is mini barbie gay?

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Do mini barbie have a phone?

does mini barbie have a phone

Who is mini barbie sisters name?

mini barbie sister is Tamiya from two-two girls

Does mini barbie have a boyfriend?


Is mini barbie young lyrikkal's little sister?

No mini barbie is tamiya lil sister from two to girlz

What grade mini barbie in?


How old is Mini Barbie?

The US rapper known as Mini Barbie is 14 years old (born April 20, 2003).

What school do mini Barbie go to?


What is mini Barbie real age?

She is 8

Where does mini barbie live?

anlanta geo

When is mini Barbie birthday?

her birthday is Nov 19 2004

What school does mini barbie go to?

William finch elementary

Who is mini barbies dad The rapper?

all i kow is mini barbie is a rapper but i dont't that her mom and dad are famous

Why are barbie dolls skirts so short?

Many Barbie creators think it is much cuter when Barbies wear short mini skirts

What is mini barbie real phone number?

000000000000000000-0000000000000-0000000 dumbo

Who made the gay barbie song?

found it!! its by"The dog house" hoped that helped.

What is a patch doll?

a patch doll is a little mini baby doll and a big barbie doll

What kind of car does Alyson machalka drive?

2008 Pink Mini Cooper Barbie Edition

Where is the giraffe hidden on Barbie girls?

In the tree house near the pet shop and mini game

Is barbie blank gay?

barbie blank aka "kelly kelly," is not gay considing she strips for millions of men and dates guys. I would know shes not gay because shes hot and i tickled her boobs last night and licked her from head to toe and she laughed and squezed my nuts back

What is the preferred color for gay?

Purple that's why Mrs. Justin Barbie wears purple cuz hes u girls Know

Who and what are 50 years old?

mini cooper, Barbie, lego, nasa, Alaska, peace symbol, motown, crayons

How do you curl barbie doll hair?

Barbie Doll hair is not real hair. You can not use heat to curl the hair as you might melt it. You can wrap the hair in mini curlers, let it dry, and then you will have a soft wave.

How many barbie movies have been made?

barbie as rapunzel barbie in the nutcracker barbie of swan lake barbie as the princess and the pauper barbie fairytopia barbie and the magic of pegasus barbie mermaidia the barbie Diaries barbie and the 12 dancing princesses barbie Fairytopia: Magic of rainbow Barbie as the Island Princess Barbie Mariposa Barbie and the diamond Castle Barbie in a Christmas Carol Barbie : Thumbelina Barbie and the Three Musketeers Barbie in the mermaid's tale Barbie a fashion fairytale

How many Barbie movies are there?

'''I have 14 but they are coming up with more.''' '''The movies are.....''' '''Barbie in the NutcrackerBarbie as RapunzelBarbie of Swan LakeBarbie as the Princess and the PauperBarbie FairytopiaBarbie and the Magic of PegasusBarbie MermaidiaThe Barbie DiariesBarbie and the 12 Dancing PrincessesBarbie Fairytopia: Magic of the RainbowBarbie as The Island PrincessBarbie and the Diamond CastleBarbie in a Christmas CarolBarbie ThumbelinaBarbie and the Three MusketeersBarbie in a Mermaid's TaleBarbie A Fashion FairytaleBarbie A Fairy SecretBarbie Snow Queen'''

What are the names of all the 'barbie' films?

There are many Barbie movies: Barbie and the nutcracker Barbie as rapunzel Barbie of swan lake Barbie the princess and the pauper Barbie fairytopia Barbie and the magic of the pegasus Barbie mermadia The Barbie diaries Barbie in the 12 dancing princessess Barbie as the island princess Barbie fairytopia the magic of the rainbow Barbie mariposa Barbie annd the diamond castle Barbie in a christmas carol Barbie thumblina Barbie and the three musketeers Barbie in a mermaid tale Barbie in a mermaid tale 2 Barbie the princess and the popster She also came out in Toy story 1 2 & 3 and My scene goes hollywood