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Yes. All of the items in your question denote a high-risk strategy. "Largely debet-based capital structure", "given the threat of bankruptcy", overleveraged business". Minimizing the weighted average cost of capitol is simply an accounting tool and is not a strategy and so has no impact on the risks involved in operating a business. Yes, try and keep that debt down.

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Q: Is minimizing weighted average cost of capital by having a largely debt-based capital structure a high-risk strategy given the threat of bankruptcy in an over leveraged business?
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What is a firm's capital structure?

Capital structure is basically how the firm chooses to finance its asset, or is the composition of its liabilities. A large way of measuring capital structure is a firms debt to equity ratio - the higher this ratio is, the more leveraged (the more indebted) the firm is.

How do control issues affect the capital structure decision?

Wow, straight out of the capital structure case on Kleen Kar, case 9. Control would clearly be an issue. There is a danger of loss of control if the company does not use enough debt (through a leveraged buyout), but there is also a danger of loss of control (through bankruptcy) if it uses too much debt. However it is impossible to reach a conclusion as to how control should affect the decision.

What is bank recapitalisation?

Recapitalization is a sort of a corporate reorganization involving substantial change in a company's capital structure. In leveraged recapitalization, the bank issues bonds, which are bought back by the bank. Current shareholders retain control.

What is recapitalization?

Recapitalization is the change in the capital structure of a corporation. Majority of the time recapitalization will occur when new shares are issued, stocks are exchanged, "leveraged buy-outs" take place, or the company sees major reorganization of the employees roles.

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Is minimizing WACC by having a largely debt-based capital structure a high-risk strategy?

Yes, the higher the % of assets financed with debt, the higher the risk of financial ruin. Why? You can skip a dividend to an owner (maintanence on equity), but you can not skip an interest payment (maintenance on debt). Mix depends on stability of Company's operating cash flows.

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