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Is miss a lesbian?

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yes she got off with mr badat and they both used strapons so they could have lesbian sex

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Is Miss Launech A Lesbian?

yesss of course she is she is a dumb lesbian mut from china stefan and scully are da greatest yyeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Should lesbian couples miss out on being parents?

No. In fact NO ONE who wants to be a parent should ever have to miss out on it.

What is Miss Fish's sexual orientation?

Miss Fish isn't a lesbian. A link is provided to the artist's web site, and if you follow it, it won't take long before you realize miss fish is a guy.

Is Betty Buckley a Lesbian?

Why does anybody want to know this? Miss Buckley told a recent interviewer she was straight.

If a lesbian couple marries are they Miss or Mrs?

They can use any title they want. Most prefer Ms.

What do you do if you turn lesbian?

You are born lesbian. It's not something you catch or turn into to. I would suggest you start looking for Miss Right and start a family when you feel ready for it. Live happily ever after. It's normal to be lesbian. Tell your family if you want. They will accept it or not. if not it's their loss because you can't change and it would not be fair of them not to accept you for how you are.

Who was Martha Coreys husband?

it was me. we were in ashort term lesbian marriage, we had some very good times until she left me, i still miss her vagina

Does it makes you not a lesbian?

If you are a lesbian, nothing can make you "not a lesbian."

What is a lesbian kiss?

a lesbian and another lesbian kissing

How do you get to make out with a lesbian?

You usually have to be a lesbian to make out with a lesbian...unless you get a whorey lesbian..then you just get her drunk.

How do you get a girl to be a lesbian?

You can't get a girl to be a lesbian if she's not a lesbian.

Is Trina a lesbian?

No she is not a lesbian

What if your girlfriend is lesbian?

Then your a Lesbian?

What is the Russian word for 'lesbian'?

The Russians don't have a name for lesbian, but call it "

Is Patricia Charbonneau a lesbian?

No, she's not a lesbian. She only played a lesbian character.

What are you if you are a lesbian?


Is maryse lesbian?

No she is not a lesbian she has a boyfriend

What is lesbian on lesbian?

It is a girl on a girl

Is Gretchen Wilson lesbian?

no she is not lesbianAnswerno she is not

Is Maria Kanellis a lesbian?

No she is not a lesbian.

Is Barbie Blank a Lesbian?

No, she is not a lesbian.

Is Jennifer Nettles A Lesbian?

No she is not a lesbian.

Is bethan lesbian?

No bethan is not Lesbian

Is rebecca malope a lesbian?

she is not a lesbian

Is it weird to be a lesbian?

No. It is not weird to be a lesbian.