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Certainly, it would seem money is necessary in today's global society. However, noticing the economic disparity in the global economy, it makes you wonder why things have turned out this way. Money was created to create a singular format for trading goods and services. This was because people worked to live, not so much to accomplish things.

Because resources were scattered and fewer in number, older societies used currency to manage those resources.

So the real determining factor in money's necessity is to evaluate the reason for its existence. If resources are abundant and readily available to everyone, then there is essentially no need for money. Of course, in such a resource-based society, the community itself would need to take initiative to grow, assemble, build, and manage transportation and services themselves. However, if everyone has equal resources, paying someone money for that work would be fairly redundant.

So if you have a community that's willing to contribute a bit of time and do some work for the betterment of society, not for material gain, then money would not be necessary.

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Q: Is money necessary
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