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yes because you are discribing a noun [object] e.g The girl was moody

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Q: Is moody a noun or an adjective?
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Is the word moody a noun?

No, the word moody is an an adjective. The noun form is moodiness. The exception is when Moody is a person's name, then it is a noun.

Is moody an adjective?

Yes, moody is an adjective.

What is the abstract noun of gloomy?

Moodiness is the abstract noun form for the adjective moody. Another abstract noun is mood.

What is the Adjective of mood?

Emotional. Or moody.

Is teenage an adverb?

No, it is not. Teenage is an adjective applied to people between the ages of 13 and 19 (teenagers), or things associated with them.

What adjective is formed from the noun?

Examples of adjectives that are formed from a noun are:air (noun) - airy (adjective)artist (noun) - artistic (adjective)beauty (noun) - beautiful (adjective)blood (noun) - bloody (adjective)fish (noun) - fishy (adjective)hope (noun) - hopeful (adjective)length (noun) - lengthy (adjective)memory (noun) - memorable (adjective)politics (noun) - political (adjective)thought (noun) - thoughtful (adjective)use (noun) - useful (adjective)water (noun) - watery (adjective)

Is circle an adjective?

No, it is a verb or a noun (to go around, to surround; a round shape). The adjective form is circular.

What is a noun for Buddhist?

The word 'Buddhistic' is the adjective form of the noun Buddhism.The adjective 'Buddhistic' is a proper adjective; the noun 'Buddhism' is a proer noun. A proper adjective and a proper noun are always capitalized.

Is geek a noun or an adjective?

it is a noun and an adjective

Is sulky an adjective?

Yes. The verb is "to sulk", and the adjective is sulky, referring to a person who is moody and upset about something. But used very differently, the word can also be a noun-- a sulky refers to a horse-drawn carriage which is driven by one person.

Is American noun pronoun or adjective?

Adjective and noun

Is capital a noun a verb or adjective?

It can be a noun or an adjective.