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Well, technically yes, and we even know the magnitude of the constant acceleration.

If velocity is constant, that tells you that acceleration is zero, which sounds like

a constant to us.

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Q: Is motion with constant velocity an example of motion with constant acceleration?
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What is Motion without acceleration?

Such and object is said to be in equilibrium. No acceleration and no force.

Can a body in equilibrium if it is in motion?

It can be in equilibrium if in constant motion (constant velocity) as no forces are acting on it (no acceleration)

What accelerates while traveling at constant velocity?

An object in uniform circular motion undergoes constant acceleration but moves at constant "speed".Constant "velocity" means no acceleration.

How is velocity of zero different from an accerlation at zero?

Acceleration is changing velocity. Zero velocity means no motion. Zero acceleration means constant, unchanging motion.

What is difference between an object moving with uniform acceleration and an object moving with a constant velocity?

A motion with a constant speed will always be moving the same speed A motion with a constant acceleration will constantly be gaining speed, and does not remain moving at the same speed.

What is the Difference between Uniform motion and uniform acceleration?

"Uniform motion" means constant velocity ... constant speed in a straight line. "Acceleration" means any change in velocity ... speed or direction. So 'uniform motion' means zero acceleration.

Can a body move with a constant velocity in an accelerated motion?

No. The definition of acceleration is change in velocity.

What is the definition of motion graph?

Constant acceleration motion can be characterized by motion equations and by motion graphs. The graphs of distance, velocity and acceleration as functions.

Is it possible that the velocity of a body changes and its acceleration remains constant?

The definition of acceleration is: Any change of velocity, that is, speed or direction of motion. If an object is undergoing constant acceleration, then the definition says that its velocity must be changing.

The velocity of a body was noted to be constant during five minutes of its motion What was its acceleration during this interval?

Acceleration means speeding up or slowing down, a change in velocity. Since the velocity was constant, the acceleration was. 0

What are two ways in which an object can have constant velocity uniform motion?

Objects moving in uniform circular motion will have a constant speed, and two objects with the same acceleration have a constant velocity.

Can an object acceleration if its velocity is constant?

No. It is a matter of definition. Acceleration is defined as a change of velocity. Technically, one must distinguish between velocity and speed. Velocity is a vector and includes the information about the magnitude (speed)and direction. One can have a constant speed and an acceleration (as in circular motion) but, by definition, constant velocity means zero acceleration.