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The state of PA requires liability insurance with minimum limits of 15/30/10. That is $15000 per person for bodily injury, $30,000 for all persons and then $10,000 property damage.

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Q: Is motorcycle insurance required in Pennsylvania?
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Is motorcycle insurance required in Ohio?

I am a Insurance Agent in Ohio and yes insurance for a motorcycle is required in Ohio.

Is motorcycle insurance required?

only if you have a motorcycle

Are turn signals required on a motorcycle in Pennsylvania?

turn signal lights are not required in pennsylvania but are needed to pass inspection.

Is motorcycle insurance required in South Dakota?

no but if you leave it is

What is the motorcycle insurance rate in Canada?

A basic minimum amount of insurance is required when operating a motorcycle in Canada. Nationwide offers motorcycle insurance in Canada. The rates vary according to the motorcycle, your age, and your driving record.

Do you need motorcycle insurance in WA?

You are not required to have insurance for a motorcycle in the state of Washington. Information can be found on the WA state DOL website.

Is motorcycle insurance required in the state of Virginia?

Call and ask your agent.

Is motorcycle insurance required in New York?

no cuz new york is sweet

Is motorcycle insurance required in the state of Texas?

Yes for the street, no for off road.

Do you need motorcycle insurance to register your motorcycle?

Ordinarily, liabilit insurance is required. In most states, depending upon the size of the engine, motorcycles are deemed to be motor vehicles.

Floridian going to Tennessee on vacation do you need motorcycle insurance?

Depends on if it is required by FL.

What are the minimum requirements for Pennsylvania car insurance policies?

The minimum amount required for car insurance in Pennsylvania is $15,000 per individual and $30,000 incident.

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