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No, Mrs. Frank was not justified in demanding the Van Daans to leave the secret annex because even though she found them a bother, they have as much of a right to be safe from danger as she does.

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What does secret annex mean?


Why is the Secret Annex called the Secret Annex?

Becuase they were trying to hideout in a secret addition to a house

When was Tales from the Secret Annex created?

Tales from the Secret Annex was created in 1949.

Why was Anne Frank's secret hideout named the secret annex?

It was named secret annex because an annex is a building joined to a main building, providing additional space or accommodations and it was secret.

Who smoked in the secret annex?

Mr. van daan smoked alot in the secret annex.

What is the ISBN of Tales from the Secret Annex?

The ISBN of Tales from the Secret Annex is 978-0553569834.

How many pages does Tales from the Secret Annex have?

Tales from the Secret Annex has 160 pages.

What happened to the secret annex?

The Secret Annex is still in tact today. In fact, you can visit it for a tour.

How many people came to live in the secret annex?

Eight people lived in the secret annex.

When was anne franks secret annex built?

the secret annex was built a long time ago]

What was life like in the secret annex?

that she was so scary and horrible and a hard job was for her life in the secret annex

Where was the secret annex?

The Secret Annex was the upper loft of Otto Frank's business building, where him and his family, along with a few others were in hiding from the Nazis. The Secret Annex's entrance was covered by a bookcase facade. how long were they in the secret annex for?

What year did the Van Daans join the Franks in the secret annex?

The Van Daans joined the Franks in the Secret Annex in 1942.

When did the Van danns come to the secret annex with anne frank?

the vann dann family arrived at the secret annex in July 1943.

How old is Anne when she first goes to the Secret Annex?

when Anne went in the secret annex she was only 12 years old, she did not go alone

What was the place where Anne Frank was captured?

Anne was captured at 263 Prinsegract in Holland. This was called the secret annex. Anne was captured at 263 Prinsegract in Holland. This was called the secret annex.She was hiding in a little annex

Who is Bep Voskuijl?

helper for the secret annex

How did everyone be cleansed in the secret annex?

Anne frank and her family cleansed in bath tubs the secret annex was just like a house with 2 floors

Does Mr frank ever leave the family in the secret annex?

No. The Frank family remained indoors in the Secret Annex until their arrest in August, 1944.

When are the people in the secret annex caught by the Nazis?

In the year 1944, the 'people in the secret annex' went into hiding in 1942 and were discovered by Nazi soldiers in 1944...

What is the name of the author of the novel tales from secret annex?

"Tales from the Secret Annex" is not a novel - it is a compendium of short stories, all of which were written by Anne Frank.

What separated Ottos business from the secret annex?

There was a bookcase covering a door- leading to the attic (the annex)

What year was the secret annex discovered?

Those hiding in the annex were discovered August 4, 1944.

What did the secret annex look like?

Well there's too much to say, so to see what it looked like, go to www.annefrank.org and they have an online 3D tour of the annex.The secret annex is hidden behind a bookshelf

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