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Is mutton beef?

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What is difference between mutton and beef?

beef is cattle meat and mutton is sheep's meat that is over a year old. Mutton isn't as common because most people want lamb meat not mutton

What acid is present in beef and mutton?

Methyl heptadecanoic acid is present in mutton.

What is mutton stew?

beef stew <3sd

Why is it better to eat mutton from sheep than beef if you are concerned about the number of hungry people in the world?

It isn't. Your eschewing beef in favour of mutton will not affect people who are hungry elsewhere.

Who sells lamb and beef?

the lamb and beef shop

Why is there no sale of canned corned mutton in the UK?

You can buy corned beef in the UK but presumably there is no demand for corned mutton.

What does Malaysia import?

Car, beef and mutton, rice, and apples

Why is mutton preffered over beef in Pakistan?

Because beef is expensive and not good in taste and it even stinks

What is a burger called when its made of mutton instead of beef starting with L?

Possibly a Lamb Burger. Lamb is from a young sheep and mutton from a mature sheep.

What does beef taste like?

Beef tastes prety good, its got a delicate aroma, it just tastes like tough mutton.

Which is better meat sheep or cattle?

Beef by far is better than mutton or lamb

What 5 food sources come from animals?

Beef, chicken, milk, cheese and mutton.

Is chicken red meat?

No, chicken doesn't come under red meat. Mutton and beef do.

What is pastrami made of?

Pastrami usually made from beef and, traditionally in Romania, also from pork and mutton.

What is the difference between mutton and beaf?

mutten is sheep or goat guts, beef is a part of a cow.

Which animal gives us beef cow sheep pig?

The cow's or steer's meat is beef; the sheep's meat is lamb or mutton; the pig's meat is pork.

What is tallow?

Tallow is a rendered form of beef or mutton fat, processed from suet. It is solid at room temperature.

What do afghani people eat in their diet?

Meat ( chiken,mutton and beef) & vegetable with loaf of wheat flower. Rice dishes like pulao are also common. Meat ( chiken,mutton and beef) & vegetable with loaf of wheat flower. Rice dishes like pulao are also common.

Why do cows produce beef?

Cows do not produce beef on purpose. Beef is the name for the meat of the cow. If the cow had any say, there would be no beef produced! The name for pig meat is pork, and sheep meat is mutton. Meat from calves is called veal.

What food did convicts?

they ate mcdonalds and always drank coke and subway

What is a burger called when its made out of mutton instead of beef?

It is still called a burger. As burger is the name of meat served in a bun sandwich. However mutton meatballs / patties are also called kofta but are not traditionally served in a burger. And often lamb is used instead of mutton and you will have a lamb burger.

What Food is in the meat group and what is their servings?

Chickenporkduckmuttonbeeffish(very important don't miss this out)

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