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Q: Is my babysitters a vampire the series going to keep going after the seson final?
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Is your babysitters a vampire going to be a series?


Is the show my babysitter's a vampire going to have a second season?

second season is the last season of my babysitters a vampire

Is Sarah from your babysitters a vampire ever going to be a full vampire?

yes in the last eposide of season 1 she becomes one.

Why did they stop making your babysitters a vampire shows?

They are going to shoot more videos this year2012

Are sarah and Ethan going to kiss on your babysitters a vampire season 2?

There is a 9 out of 10% chance that they will

When is my Babysitter's a vampire going to aire again?

My Babysitters a vampire is going to air in late September 2011. see Wikipedia for more answers. September 21, 11

Is there going to be a seaon 2 of your babysitters a vampire?

Yes, It has already finished airing on Disney channel and is currently airing on Teletoon.

Will there be another series of The Vampire Diaries?

There is already a series 1 and 2 of the vampire diaries and they are going to shoot a series 3

Are they going to make another season of your babysitters a vampire in 2014?

As of February 18, 2014, there are currently no plans to film a third season of My Babysitter's a Vampire because they were unable to get the necessary funding for it.

Why is the second season of my babysitters a vampire going to be the last?

There has been no confirmation in regards to the 2nd season of "My Babysitter's a Vampire" being the last season so as of April 2012, it is not the last season.

Who created the vampire series vampire nights?

if you mean "Vampire Knight" the manga/ graphic novel series, then Matsuri Hino created the series. Vampire Knight premiered in the January 2005 issue of LaLa magazine and still on-going.

Is Atticus mitchell constipated?

yes he is I believe so because, in my babysitters a vampire, he was keep going to the bathroom and getting out without flushing the toilet! LOL

Is there going to be a new episode of your babysitters a vampire?

Actually, I think your referring to "My Babysitter's A Vampire", if you are then yes there will be a new episode. It's called "Welcome Back Dusker", part of Season 2. And most people say that in that episode, Sarah meets the vampire council.

How many books are going to be in the vampire academy series?

So far there are five books- Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kissed, Blood Promise and Spirit Bound- the next and final book in the series is going to be released in December 2010, this book will be called "Last Sacrifice" If you would like any information on the current five books I'm happy to be of assistance.

Is there or is there not going to be another episode of your babysitters a vampire episode?

there will be another season in June 29 2012 with most likely 13 episodes like the first season

Are Sarah and Ethan from your babysitters a vampire going out?

No. Because Sarah AKA Vanessa Morgan, is 20 years old, Ethan AKA Matthew Knight is 18 years old.

Are they going to make more episode for the final act or make a new series?

i think that the series is over but i think that they are going to make the final act in English hopefully with the same actors from the first series

What is the final in detective Conan?

There has not been a final yet, the series is still going on.

Was the book series vampire academy ever made into a movie?

Not yet, but it is going to be.

Is there going to be a movie for the vampire kisses series?

It might be because it has that option, but they haven't decided if they're actually going to do it or not.

Is there going to be a movie to the Vampire Academy books?

Yes, there are going to be movies of the Vampire Academy series. Only recently discussed and approved by Richelle Mead. Drafting is set to begin soon.

How many series does rosario vampire have?

2 but I'm not sure if there is going to be a third season

Is there going to be a second movie of the vampire's assistant?

there should be, there are tons more in the book series

Is 'Vampire Kisses' a book series?

Yes, there are currently six books in the series. ---- EDIT: VampireObsessed: Yes, Vampire Kisses are a series. There are currently seven books, and there are going to be eight in total.

How did final fantasy get its name?

The first of the series was made when Square Enix was going downhill, it seemed as if the company was going to become bankrupt, the original in the final fantasy series was going to be the last game they ever released. The success of the game however saved the company.