Is nagato and naruto related

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Family related, no.

but they have Jiraiya as their master.

A non-family relation and shared master is true....but they both are from the same clan. Both Naruto and Nagato are from the uzumaki clan! Their full names are Naruto Uzumaki and Nagato Uzumaki.

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Q: Is nagato and naruto related
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Is Naruto related to nagato?

technically yes ,because madara uchiha said that nagato is from the uzumaki clan just like the mother of naruto so it is plausible

Are Naruto and pein related?

Not at all. Though they do share the same beliefs about war and peace Naruto Uzumaki and Nagato the guy who had red hair and controled the rinnegan are related in maternal ways Naruto's mother was uzumaki and madara uchiha saided that nagato was also uzumaki.So they are in some way related...

Could Nagato be related to Naruto by blood?

Both are decendants of the Uzumaki clan, but how close related they are is unknown.

Who is the child of prophecy Naruto or nagato?


If Pain was related to Naruto would it make a good final fight?

It did make an amazing fight, and you find out in a recent chapter of the Manga, that Naruto and Nagato, were at least distantly related.

Who fight nagato?

Naruto fights and defeats the 6 pains that nagato controlls. After naruto has a talk with nagato. Nagato uses his life force and remaining chakra to restore the lives of everyone kill during the battle.

Will naruto fight nagato?

Naruto does not know that he's related to Nagato. He also doesn't know hes related to Karin. Karin and Nagato are both Uzumaki's, making them related to Naruto just by the clans blood, but they could be cousins far far off.

Who killed pien?

Pein, more commonly known as Pain in North America, was indirectly killed by Naruto. Naruto destroyed all six Pain bodies, and sought out the "Pain master" (controller of the bodies), Nagato. Naruto convinced Nagato that Nagato's answer to finding peace was not destruction; Nagato believed that Naruto would find the answer to peace, and returned all the lives that the Pain bodies took from Konoha, at the cost of Nagato's life.

What powers does nagato give to Naruto?


In Naruto is yahiko Naruto?

Actually Yahiko is one of Jirayas students. He had 6 students but at different times. The team was Konan,Pain(Nagato),and Yahiko. Yahiko died though because of war. Konan and Nagato(Pain) are in the akatski. Konan had the power for oragami and Pain can use the rennagon. Go to for more info. And by the way Yahiko is not Naruto!\ jojdcoijdsihbrefius

What happens after Naruto finds nagato?

They talk about why Nagato wants to destroy everything and then rule the world

What powers did negato give Naruto?

Nagato did not give Naruto any powers. The only thing Nagato did before he died was revive everyone in the village that he killed.