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Is nationwide on your side?

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No it is not!

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What is the song on nationwide insurance commercial?

Nationwide is on your side

Who is on your side?


Nationwide is on your side?

we like to help our friends come on down to nationwide!

What is the name of the nationwide commercial song its instrumental and at the they nationwide is on your side?

I Think I Like You, by Donora.

What is the name of the nationwide commercial song its instrumental and at the end they nationwide is on your side?

The song title is (like a good neigbor )

Will there be a NASCAR 2012 game?

Only if you have Nationwide because "Nationwide is on your side" but if not there will be no NASCAR 2012 unless you are a Greek God.

Who's the Nationwide Side Girl?

Cara Pifko

Who is the singer of stand by you on the nationwide on your side adverts?


Who stars in the Nationwide Insurance Commercials?

The newest Nationwide Insurance Commercials stars Jana Kramer. Jana Kramer is also the voice behind the "Nationwide is on Your Side" tune.

Where can one compare Nationwide building society interest rates?

You can compare Nationwide building society interest rates online at the website called Nationwide. Their saving promise to you is that they are on your side, with no shareholders to worry about and that their only focus is on you.

IS nationwide really on your side?

i dont know, i was trying to ask this question too!

What is the biggest gang?

South Side 13st is the biggest gang nationwide! 1Puro Sur. Trece3

How do you use the word nationwide in a sentence?

There as a nationwide epidemic.The quake could be felt nationwide.

What was the name of the nationwide conference football team who were the first opponents of the Brazilian national side?

Exeter City

What is a catch phrase for Uranus?

(sing to the nationwide tune) ur-an-us is on its side!cause it actually is tilted 90% on its side...

What banks provide nationwide online banking?

Nationwide provides nationwide online banking.

How many walmarts are there nationwide?

There are 1200 walmarts nationwide.

Who owns Nationwide insurance?

Who owns Nationwide insurance

what is 2011 nationwide schedule?

what is 2011 nationwide schedule

What is the customer service number for Nationwide car insurance?

The customer service number to call for Nationwide car insurance is 1-877-ON YOUR SIDE«• (1-877-669-6877.) The corporate headquarters number is 800-882-2822.

When was Nationwide Airlines created?

Nationwide Airlines was created in 1991.

When did Nationwide Airlines end?

Nationwide Airlines ended in 2008.

Can you get annual travel insurance from Nationwide?

Yes, you can get travel insurance from nationwide. You can also get a wide variety of other insurance from nationwide.

Is Affordable Lawyer a company that is nationwide?

"Affordable Lawyer does not appear to be nationwide. There are many affordable lawyers that can be found nationwide, however."

What part of speech is nationwide?

Nationwide is a adjective because it is used, in most cases, to describe something. For example: The disease was nationwide. Disease is the noun, nationwide is adjective because it is describing where the disease is.