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Is near from death note a girl or boy?


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high probability boy bacause he plays with toys of boys


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Well it depends in the Death Note Books (Manga) Rem is a Girl including in the Anime but in the movies Rem is a Boy

Makeover mage just south of Falador, near the walls.Note: She charges 3,000 gp.

yes, both near and mello were in death note 3: L change the world. at the end L gives the boy the name near, he be comes L's heir because he is a math genius, and mello in the move is a school girl named Maki(although they dont ever anounce her as mello in the movie, you can tell because she wants to kill for revenge, and has a bobbed hair cut)

The Ghost of Christmas Present has reason to open his coat, Hidden beneath are a boy and girl who are in poor health and look near death. he explains that the boy is ignorance. The girl is want. He tells Scrooge to be aware most of all of the boy, Ignorance.

Walk up to the boy and tell him or slip himm a note.

Uhm, in the movie series, it's just a spin-off based on the previous movies. I don't think it has much relations to the manga story, since in the manga L dies because Rem killed him. In the Death Note 3, he dies after 23 days of writing his name on Misa's Death Note i think.It doesn't really have much to do with the other movies.But in Death Note 3, they introduce the character Near, but again they change it a bit. Like one, Near in the movie is a Thai boy, not like the Near in the manga.Basically Death Note 3 is about L's 23 days left before he dies. I'm still not sure if my answer is that accurate, but you can go here?

in the live action movie the character Near does appear but he is different than in the manga or anime He is just a math genius orphan that L comes across in his investigations. In the movie L names the boy Near at the end.

if theirs 1 bump its a girl 2 its a boy but u have to check near the tail where there is a slit

Yes, She had two kids after she got married. A boy and a girl. the girl was called Poesy and the boy was called Lekhan. Lekhan died when he was 12 from cancer. But Poesy became a teacher. And Elizabeth and her husband got divorced near the death of there son.

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It can be a boy or a girl it depends. If you are a girl it will be a girl and if you are a boy it will be a boy.

There is only one daycare, and it is always random if it is a boy or a girl. Exeption: Rotoms and Phiones will always be genderless. Note: I do not know how it works for Nidoran.

write a note to that persons girl friend then you take their boy friend to a romantic place and kiss him then you see that persons girl friend crying and saying hes cheating on me

Here is an example:The boy sent a letter to the girl hoping for news. (the girl hopes for news)The boy sent a letter to the girl, hoping for news. (the boy hopes for news)Note how the addition of the comma after girl changes the meaning of the sentence.

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Find excuses to stay near him and let him do the work if he is interested.

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