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Need for Speed carbon was made before need for speed pro street.

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Q: Is need for speed carbon more latest than pro street?
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What is better need for speed pro street or need for speed shift?

If you ask me need for speed pro street is more of a challenge type game and need for speed shift is a aggressive racing game

Do all need for speed games do illegal street racing?

No. Need for Speed: II (released in Japan as Over Drivin' II) and Need for Speed: ProStreet Both portray legal racing.p.s. There might be more street legal Need for speed games but i no longer follow the series.

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How do you raise your cars heat on need for speed carbon?

add more vinals and tune up your cars appearance

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Whose career is more difficult-nfs carbon or nfs-most wanted?

need for speed most wanted is way harder and last much longer then nfs carbon. in most wanted you have to do lots of car chases and carbon you don't have to do any.

Where can you play need for speed online for free? has your latest fartbag news and cool cheatcodes for all the latest games.. check it out before time runs out only four more days until christmas and not much more until the zombie Apocalypse.. f%*# all these crazy a$$ zombies #blastyoura$$fool

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