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yes because, it's the second farthest from the sun and it has vivid colors the landscape

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Which planet has frozen gases?


What planet is likely to have a frozen atmosphere?


What planet is covered in ice and frozen methane?


Has anyone gone to Neptune?

You wouldn't survive on the planet of Neptune. Its a gas planet, ! Made up of frozen methane, hydrogen, water and sillicad.

What planet is covered with frozen nitrogen?

either Pluto or Neptune cause Pluto is no longer a planet

What planet is made up of frozen gases?

Most Likely Neptune

What is a dark frozen planet t hat has 5 rings?


Is Neptune a star or a planet?

Neptune is a planet.

What is the eighth planet from the sun?

Neptune is the eighth planet from the sunneptuneNeptune.

What outer planet is made of frozen gases and rock?

All of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune).

Has anyone been frozen on Neptune?

None has been to Neptune, so no one could possibly have been frozen on Neptune.

Is Neptune a terrestrial or gas planet?

Neptune is a gas planet not a terrestrial planet

Is Neptune the fifth planet?

No, Neptune is the 8th planet. The 5th planet is Jupiter.

Is Neptune the seventh planet?

No. Neptune is the eighth planet. The seventh planet is Uranus.

What planets are next to your planet Neptune?

The planet before Neptune is Uranus. The planet after Neptune is Pluto but Pluto is know classified as a dwarf planet.

Why is Neptune the hottest planet?

Neptune is not the hottest planet, Venus is.

Are there lifeforms on planet Neptune?

yes there is lifeforms on planet Neptune

What planet is closest to Neptune?

the closest planet to Neptune is Uranus.

What is Neptune size of planet?

Neptune is 3rd biggest planet

What type of planet is Neptune?

neptune is a gas giant planet

Is Neptune an outer or inner planet?

Neptune is an OUTER planet.

Which planet is between Saturn and Neptune?

The planet Uranus is between Saturn and Neptune.

Is Neptune the 5th planet from the sun?

No. The 5th planet is Jupiter. Neptune is the 8th planet.

Is Neptune an inner or outer planet?

Neptune is an outer planet, it is the farthest planet from the sun.

Is Neptune an inner planet or outer planet?

Neptune is an outer planet. It is the outermost planet in the solar system.

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