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Nitrous oxide is a mixture of two or more substances. Therefore, it is a heterogeneous substance. An example of a colloid mixture would be blood.

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Nitrous Oxide is a pure substance. N2O cannot be broken down by physical means.

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Q: Is nitrous oxide a pure substance colloid solution or heterogeneous mixture?
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Is a colliod a true solution?

No. A colloid is a heterogeneous mixture.

Is oil and vinegar an element compound heterogeneous mixture solution or colloid?

Oil and vinegar form a heterogeneous mixture.

Is a colloid a homogenous mixture?

A colloid is actually a heterogeneous mixture. HETEROGENEOUS MIXTURE- Heterogeneous mixture means the mixture in which the particles are not uniformly mixed with each other. In a colloid the particles are very very minute and so are not visible to our eyes. For example milk is colloid. So according to me colloid mixture appears to be a homogeneous mixture but actually it is a heterogeneous mixture.

Homogeneous mixture of particles so small they cannot be seen and will never settle?

It is actually called colloid.

Is milk drink a homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

Milk is a homogeneous mixture as well as a colloid- it is the same throughout.

Is strawberry ice cream with fruit a solution suspension or heterogeneous?

Ice cream, itself, is a heterogeneous mixture (a colloid). Therefore, adding strawberries (or anything else) to it still makes it a heterogeneous mixture.

Is a colloid homogeneous?

No, essentially it is a heterogeneous mixture.

Is a permanent press fabric a element or compound or suspension or heterogenous mixture or homogeneous mixture or colloid?

no its a heterogeneous

Which of these is a homogeneous mixture that forms when sugar is dissolved in a glass of hot water- solution suspension colloid or substance?

It is a Solution.

Is fog a colloid a suspension or a solution?

Fog is a colloid.

What kind of mixture is gelatin classified as?


What are 3 types of the types of mixture?

The three basic types of mixtures in Chemistry are suspension mixture, colloidal mixture and solution.