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Is odd or even harmonic distortion more pleasing to the ear?

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Scroll down to related links and look at "Harmonics and overtones in comparison" or scroll down to related links and look at "Calculations of Harmonics from Fundamental Frequency". Besides the fundamental "even harmonics" bring here the added tones: c , c, g, c, e, g , bflat, c :-) and "uneven harmonics" bring here the tones: g, e, bflat, d, f#, aflat, b ;-( Which of those both rows will be more pleasing? You can see it. Even harmonics sound more brilliant. Don't mix up harmonics with overtones! Even harmonis are uneven overtones and uneven harmonics are even overtones. Better stay with the word harmonics.

2009-07-16 17:31:15
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What is meant by harmonic distortion in amplifiers?

Harmonic distortion is most simply characterised by an output which is not proportional to the input, but can be derived from the input by some function or other.Outputs which bear no relation to the input are instanced by noise, hum, motor-boating, or crackles, and are not harmonic distortion.Distorted outputs which are related to the input are in practice mostly due to a non-linearity in one or more stages, an overdrive condition, or an unbalanced phase splitting process before a push-pull output stage.Note. people have spent their whole lives on this, and books have been written. If you need to know more . . . . .

What is THD in UPS and electrical engineering?

It is Total Harmonic Distortion, and has to do with how "clean" the output power is. For those of us in the lighting and electrical world, THD refers to the Harmonic Distortion present with most electrical equipment, and more specifically now, the distortion present with electronic ballasts. THD is the measurement of the distortion created from the equipment's current draw. True resistive loads, such as an incandescent light bulb, do not have THD. Equipment containing coils and capacitors, such as motors, drives, fluorescent lighting and HID lighting, have some measure of THD.

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Harmonics are frequencies higher than the fundamental. There are two types of harmonics: even harmonics and odd harmonic. For example: 2 x 60 hertz = 120 hertz is even harmonic, and 3 x 60 = 180 hertz is third harmonic. Even harmonic is like a D.C. current mixed with the A.C. current and could have more disturbance than odd harmonic. Fourier analysis could be used for decomposition of both types of harmonics.

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