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Oil and water will not mix together, therefore they are neither a solution or a suspenion - they are an emulsion - Where one liquid is spread throughout another liquid

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Can oil in water be a solution?

No, normally it isn't . If you mixed oil and water together and left it, then it would separate out to form different layers. This means that the oil isn't dissolving in the water (or vise versa). that means that it isn't a solution it is a mixture

Is oil and water mixture or solution?

yes water is a mixture and oil is a solution

Why does oil and water mix together?

oil and water never mix together. water is heavier than oil. so,oil float on the water.

What is an immiscible solution?

Oil and water are an immiscible solution.

Is oil and water in a beaker classified as a solution?

No. Oil and water would form a heterogeneous mixture. A solution is a homogeneous mixture.

What type of solution is formed when two liquids do not mix?

Two substances that can never mix together are called immiscible. So oil and water is immiscible and can not form a solution. Sugar and water can form a solution, as the sugar can dissolve entirely into the water - and is therefore, miscible.

What happens when oil mixes with water?

Emulsification happens. Emulsification is when it forms an emulsion, which means a colloial suspension of one liquid in another liqiud. Oil floats on top of the water if you let it set becuase water is denser than oil if there are many molecules together. If there is just one molecule of water and one molecule of oil, than the oil would be heavier but since the water molecules are packed closer together, it makes it heavier than oil. Note: If you put washing detergent and oil together and let it set, they will seperate but if you stir it, they will mix together, making a solution.

Is oil and water a solution?

No, oil would not be soluble to create the solution without some type of emulsifier.

How does oil get into water?

Oil and water can't mix. They won't go together. The oil with just sit it the water or on top of the oil the water.

Is cooking oil and water a solution?

No cooking oil and water is NOT a solution it is a mixture. When you put cooking oil and water in the same bowl or cup in less than a minute the two will separate into two layers of liquids.

What are three types of mixture and give examples each?

solutions = salt and water alcohol and water caperr sulfate and water suspention = soil and water sand and water clay and water emolsion =oil and vinegar korosene and water oil and water colloidal dispersions = liquid laundry starch and water fine pottery

What is an example of oil in water solution and water in oil solution?

I don't know what it is but if u have Internet go and do it. I dun it but it came up wiv crap answers

Is oil and water a mixture or compound?

Oil and water is neither a compound, mixture, solution..etc. but an emulsion.

Does oil and alcohol mix?

no. Yes. Ethanol (drinking alcohol) is soluble in both both oil and water. If an oil and ethanol solution is mixed with water I think the ethanol will separate from the oil and mix with the water resulting in a cloudy emulsion of an ethanol-water solution with tiny droplets of oil. This is called louching.

Is oil and water a solution or a mixture?

It is neither, it is an element

Why does the oil layer stays above the water layer?

The oil is an apolar solution while the water is a polar solution. Apolar and polar solutions dont like to mix.

When oil and water are shaken together?

When oil and water are shaken together you'll never get a homogenous mixture. Depending on the amount (ratio) oil : water you'll get (rising) oily droplets in water or water drops (sinking) in the continuous oil phase.

What are the difference between the miscible and immiscible?

Miscible and immiscible are you to describe what happens when substances (usually liquids) are mixed together. If 2 layers are formed, like when oil is mixed with water, then the oil would be described as immiscible in water as it does not form a solution. If the two substances mix together and no layers are formed, like when orange squash is mixed with water, the we would say the orange squash is miscible in water as it has formed an orange solution.

What happens when you mix oil and vinegar together?

A diluted solution of vinegar is obtained with a layer of oil on the top.

What rises when oil and water are mixed together?

The oil will rise to the top and float on the water.

What happens when you freeze oil and water together?

It might not freezes. But when you put the water and oil in the refrigerator too long, it will mix together.

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