Is oil over priced?

Yes. Oil is do overpriced. it is just because oil is very precious all around the world. and if you are talkinbg about the overpricing of oil in a particular country, the it is just because, there will be a very very low quantity of oil. and so, they need more and most of money to buy oil from international countries. that is why the oil over there only must be over priced, but the oil in some other country must be have to be taken a lesser amount of money because there must be still a lot of oil left with them and till the time the oil finishes, they could buy some more of oil from other countries. that iss why only in some of the countries it is over priced. yes, but also because of the global warming oil can reduce a lot. so it can also be might of that. so that is why we also request you people to SAVE THE EARTH!