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Who is Omaba? Why would he be the demon? In fact, wh ois they demon... and why would anyone knowwwww the answer to that question? Things like this should go into consideration when people decide to ask an ignorant question such as this one.

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What is 'demon' in Russian?

Демон Demon

What is the max hit of a demon on runescape?

Lesser demon: 85 Greater demon: 97 Revenant demon: 150-250 Black demon: 167 Abyssal demon: 87

What are the Demons of the seven deadly sins?

Rahab - the demon of Pride Mammon - the demon of Greed Maggenti - the demon of Gluttony Andrealphus - the demon of Lust Asmodeus - the demon of Wrath Laviathen - the demon of Envy & Belphegor the demon of Sloth

What is zozo the demon?

no it is not the demon

Is Inuyasha a full-demon?

No,Inuyasha is a half demon. His mother was a human and his father was a demon. I hope that helped.

Why demon hunter uses a demon for them symbol?

they use the demon skull with a bullethole in the forehead because they are called demon hunter and they hunted that demon and shot it in the face.

Can you feel a demon?

if i talk about a demon. than i feel my own demon my demon says its the strongest demon of the hell know as darkness the great demon. some people say than i have knuckele's of steel. my demon gives more strength, agility and speed look like a power demon

What is demon in Japanese?

Demon as in "devil" is "akuma." Demon as in "evil spirit" is "youkai."

How is science a demon?

science is science. a demon is a demon. These two things are not affiliated

How do you pronounce the Japanese word for 'demon'?

Akuma. it means devil or demon.

How can i be cum a demon?


What kind of demon is inuyasha?

dog demon half human half demon dog

What is silent demon in latin?

silent demon

Is the mascot of Disturbed a demon?

Yes, it is a demon.

Is shippo a half demon?

no he is full demon

How do you use the word demon in a sentence?

what the demon is that!

What is 'demon' in Spanish?


Can you get a demon in your house by watching demon movies?


What is a Taiyoukai?

It's a general Japanese term for demon lord, powerfull demon, or large demon.

What is demon in polish?

Demon(eng)=Demon(pol) :-) Although, spelling is a little bit different.

Is inuyasha a half wolf demon?

No he is a half dog demon one of his enemy's is a half wolf demon no Koga (enemy) is a full wolf demon

When was Demon as Bad Man - Demon Kogure album - created?

Demon as Bad Man - Demon Kogure album - was created in 1990.

What is 'demon' in Romanian?

One Romanian equivalent of 'demon' is the same word: demon. Another possibility is diavol. And yet another possibility is drac.

What is 'demon' in Latin?

The word Demon comes from the Latin word Daemn meaning Spirit.

Why is inuyasha half demon?

InuYasha is half-demon because his father was a demon and his mother was a regular human.