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No a yard is longer than a meter.

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Q: Is one yard longer than one meter?
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One meter is a little longer than what?

It's a little longer than a yard.

Which is longer a meter or a yard?

1 meter is longer than 1 yard. Broken down: In inches: 1 yard = 36 inches 1 meter = 39.37 inches In centimeters: 1 yard = 91.44 centimeters 1 meter = 100 centimeters Comparative: 1 yard = .9144 meters 1 meter = 1.0936133 yards

Is one meter longer than one yard?

Yes. One meter is equal to 1.0936133 yards.

Are meters more than yards?

Yes. One meter is about three inches longer than one yard.

Is 1 yard longer than 1 meter?

No. One yard is slightly shorter than one meter. There are 36 inches in a yard, but 39 inches, approximately, in one meter.

Are there more meters or yard in one kilometer?

A meter is slightly longer than a yard (1 meter = 1.0936 yards) so there would be more yards than meters in a kilometer.

What is bigger a meter or an American yard?

One yard is bigger unit.One meter is smaller.

How much longer is a meter then a yard?

About three inches longer: one meter is equal to about 39.37 inches while one yard is equal to 36 inches.

Which meausure is greater one yard or one meter?

The conversion between m and yard are given .On finding the relation we get as follows . we know , 1 m=1.0391 yards. seeing this realtion we can say that 1 meter is greater than 1 yard.

One meter is equal to one what?

A meter is comparable, but not equivalent to an English "yard". The meter is considerably longer, at about 39.37 inches compared to 36 inches for the yard.

Which metric unit is alosest to a yard in the English system?

The meter is closest to the yard.1 meter is about 9.4% longer than 1 yard.In the case of most houses on my block, the electricmeter is the one that is closest to the yard.

Is a meter small?

no one meter is bigger than one yard.