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Safe but unnecessary. The trans will be constantly shifting in and out of overdrive in traffic and will put unnecessary wear on the transmission. Save it for the freeway.

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Q: Is overdrive safe to use in the city?
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Is it safe to use overdrive on a Toyota Tacoma?


Should you use overdrive in the city?

not recommended overdrive is for cruising at highway speed

When to use overdrive 2000 Nissan Altima?

its always best to use your overdrive when on highways at higher speeds

I have a mercury tracer Which one is drive the d button or the d button with the circle around it?

the D refers to drive and the D w/ circle around it refers to overdrive. use drive when driving in the city and use overdrive when traveling on highways and such

When do you use overdrive on your mondeo automatic?

It is best to use overdrive at speeds above 55 miles per hour. Overdrive maximizes your fuel mileage at high speeds.

Do you use overdrive in the snow?

Yes, you can use overdrive in your car when driving in the snow. Using overdrive helps the car maintain better traction in slick and icy conditions.

Is it better to drive with overdrive off when driving in the city?

Yes. Overdrive is best used with longer trips at relatively constant high speed. City driving, with lots of stops, starts, and slow speeds is not what the overdrive is intended for.

Do you drive 2000 Jeep Cherokee with overdrive on or off?

For everyday use leave overdrive ON. When/if you tow a trailer, turn overdrive OFF.

Did Randy Orton always use the RKO as his finisher?

No he used to use the overdrive. Before the R.K.O it was the Overdrive and the Complete Shot

When do you use overdrive in an automatic car?

If an automatic car is in off overdrive does it save fuel

When not to use overdrive?

When towing a trailer.

What is the proper use for the overdrive feature for a Ford Explorer V8?

Overdrive allowed is the NORMAL position

Where is the overdrive located on a 2000 Subaru Outback?

Subaru does not use a separate overdrive unit, if that is what you are asking. For many years, overdrive is simply another gear in the transmission.

What problems will the barn owl have in the city?

It will not be use to the busy city full of lights and tons of cars, because its use to a quiet barn, where its dark and safe.

Do you supposed to leave your overdrive on while driving?

Overdrive is the normal position - if you are in hilly areas and find the transmission keeps shifting back and forth between overdrive and drive , you can use the overdrive cancel switch to shut off the overdrive feature and if you are towing something you also want to shut off the overdrive

2003 Ford ranger 2.3 engine 5-speed AT do i turn off the overdrive when in city?

Overdrive allowed is the normal position - it actually won't shift into overdrive until the speed is higher

What is the function of an overdrive?

Overdrive just lets the car use the lowest gear. Without overdrive you are probably only using 3 gears, and with it you are probably using 4.

When to use overdrive on 93 Nissan Sentra?

if it is an automatic leave it in overdrive. the transmission knows when to change into the overdrive gear. if it is a manual listen to the motor. if you have in overdrive and it bogs down while accelerating then down shift to a lower gear.

Should you use your overdrive while towing your camper?

No. Overdrive should be turned off when towing any trailer.

Do you put a 2005 Jeep Wrangler in overdrive when not towing?

I am a bit confused. Overdrive is a high gear used for highway purposes. You should always try to use overdrive unless the Jeep is under a heavy load or climbing hills. Thus when towing it's probably best to not to use overdrive.

How do i use Overdrive in a Ford Escape?

Excuse me. If I was on a lot of traffic shoul I use the overdrive function in my ford escape (year 2012) or is not recommended. Thanks in advance

Should you drive your car in drive or overdrive?

If it has overdrive use it! it is a "highway gear" it will make no difference what so ever until you get up to speed then it will shift into overdrive and save you gas!

Should you use overdrive when driving a 2000 ford explorelimited?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position . It won't shift into overdrive until the speed is faster anyway . On my 1995 Ford Explorer it doesn't shift into overdrive until I'm travelling about 50 miles per hour ( if you are towing or driving in hilly country where the transmission is constantly downshifting then you don't use overdrive )

Do you need overdrive at city driving?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position , but unless you are going fast enough it will not shift into overdrive because it acts as the " top " gear ( on my Explorer I have to be going 50 miles per hour / 80 kilometers per hour before it shifts into overdrive )

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