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The oxygen in the water molecule has small negative charge.

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How does the shape of a water molecule contribute to its polarity?

The shape of the water molecule is determined by the positions of the atoms in the molecule, and this shape has the electro-negative oxygen atom at one side of the H2O molecule, opposite from the two electro-positive hydrogen atoms at the other side.

Is calcium electronegative?

it is electro positive

What type of bond is formed between water molecules?

Hydrogen bonding is usually formed between one lone pair of electrons of the oxygen atom of one water molecule and the hydrogen atom of another water molecule. Hydrogen bonding forms as a result of electro-negativity difference between oxygen atom and hydrogen, with oxygen being more electro-negative.

Are the oxygen molecules positive or negative in water molecules?

They are negative. The H molecules are slightly positive. They get this way because of the "electronegativity" of oxygen.

Which water molecule has a partial positive charge?

hydrogen has a positive charge and oxygen has a negative charge.

Is the hydrogen in water positive or negative?

ttle positive as the Oxygen pullsup more electons from Hydrogen.

Which atom in the water molecule will interact with a positive ion?

The partially negatively charged oxygen atom in water will interact with a positive ion.

How do water molecules attract other water molecules?

The Oxygen atom in water hogs electrons from the Hydrogen atoms, giving it a negative charge, and the hydrogens a positive charge. Because of this, water molecules have positive and negative ends. The positive Hydrogens in one molecule will attract the negative Oxygen in another.

Why are the oxygen end of a water molecule to the hydrogen end of another water molecule?

Oxygen is more electronegative than hydrogen, meaning that in a water molecule the oxygen will carry a partial negative charge and the hydrogens will carry a partial positive charge. This allows the (partially negative) oxygen to bind to the (partially positive) hydrogen of another water molecule.

Fluorine is more electronegative than oxygen?

Yes it is more electro negative. F has the highest electro negativity

Why do metals in the periodic table react?

Electro-positive elements are on one side of he chart and electro-negative elements are on the other. Because of the electron state of the different atoms. Electro-positive and electro-negative on the atoms attract each other and, when in conjunction, function to trade electrons to balance out their respective states.

What is positive in a water molecule?

The hydrogen atoms in a water molecule have a partial positive charge, while the oxygen atom has a partial negative charge.

Why is a water molecule a polar molecule?

Different elements have different electro-negativities. Electro-negativity is the ability of an atom to withdraw 'electron density' towards itself, i.e. it makes electrons come closer to it.Fluorine is the most electronegative of the elements.Oxygen is more electronegative than hydrogen and so in water (H2O) the oxygen 'pulls' the electrons closer to itself and become slightly negative, and the hydrogen's slightly positive, this is called a permanent dipole.Due to this effect water has many properties that make it unusual and important to living things.

Is micrococcus luteus catalase positive?

Catalase positive. It forms oxygen gas and water when in the presence of hydrogen peroxide.

What gas forms at a positive lead?

When performing the electrolysis of water, oxygen gas forms bubbles at the positive lead.

What is the Electronegativity between Oxygen and Sulfur?

Oxygen is more electro negative. It seconds only to fluorine

What is polar in water?

oxygen and hydrogen hydrogen carries positive charge while oxygen carries negative charge.

What is the charge of the oxygen end of a water molecule?

The oxygen end of a water molecule has a partial negative charge. The hydrogen atoms have a partial positive charge.

What are the characteristics of water that allows it to dissolve ionic solids?

Water is a polar molecule meaning the oxygen part is negative the hydrogen is positive, so in an ionic compound the negative ion get attracted to the hydrogen and the positive ion to the oxygen.

Does the hydrogen of water molecule have a slight positive charge?

Yes, a water molecule is polar with one pole positive (the hydrogens side) and negative on the oxygen side.

How do you separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in water?

You pass an electrical current through the water. The positive electrode will release oxygen while the negative electrode will release hydrogen.

In a water molecule which atom has a partial negative charge?

hydrogen is partially positive and oxygen is partially negative so your answer is oxygen

Why can zinc be extracted by reduction with carbon but magnesium can't?

Mg is a highly electro positive metal and hence has high affinity towards more electronegative element oxygen and thus ,oxide of Mg is very stable and can not be reduced by carbon (Carbon has less affinity than Magnesium towards oxygen). On the other hand , Zn being moderately strong electro positive metal , it has less affinity towards the more electronegative oxygen atom and its oxide is not very stable and hence can be reduced by Carbon easily (carbon has greater affinity than Zinc towards oxygen).

What does it mean that water is polar?

It means that there is a positive and negative side to a water molecule. The positive ends being the hydrogen molecules and the negative end being the oxygen molecule.

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