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Ion-dipole force

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Q: What type of intermolecular force causes the dissolution of NaCl in water?
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What is the intermolecular force that exists between Na and water?

Sodium react with water, any intermolecular force between sodium and water.

What type of intermolecular force has water?

Hydrogens Bonds

What are the force present in water?

The intermolecular forces in water is hydrogen bonding.

Does water expand when heated and why?

Yes... When water is heated, the intermolecular force of attraction between water atoms become weak and they start losing the intermolecular force of attraction... at temperature known as boiling point of water this intermolecular force become so weak that water lose its state and converts into gasious state... but this expansion is not considerable... :)

What bond intermolecular force is found in water?

Hydrogen bonds

What force of a water molecule works against evaporation?

This is the intermolecular force of hydrogen bonds.

Explain why oil does not dissolve in water.?

The main intermolecular forces between water molecules are hydrogen bonds which are pretty strong as far as intermolecular forces go. Between hydrocarbon chains (oil) the main intermolecular force are London force which are weaker. For two liquids to be miscible the intermolecular forces between them have to be similar in strength or they won't dissolve. Water and oil have different strengths of intermolecular bonds so don't mix.

What type of bond attracts one water bond to another?

In pure water, the primary intermolecular force is a hydrogen bond, which is a specific type of dipole-dipole intermolecular force with notably more energy than most dipole-dipole intermolecular forces.

Why water has this additional intermolecular force?

Hydrogen bonds between molecules

What intermolecular force gives water unique properties?

Hydrogen bonding

What type of intermolecular force is found in water molecules in ice?

weak intermolecular forces because dry ice with sublime

What is the primary intermolecular force that attracts water molecules to each other?

i don’t know