Is oxygen is harmful for human?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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No humans depend on Oxygen to survive

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Q: Is oxygen is harmful for human?
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What is the highest altitude that a human can breath?

20,251 feet and rising because of the human body tolerance to the oxygen peroxigen residue of the sun's harmful yet helpful UV rays.

Is oxygen harmful on its own?


Is the argon harmful to human health?

Argon gas is not poisonous, but it isn't oxygen, so breathing it isn't good for you, and can be fatal. If you work with Argon gas, make sure that you have proper is VERY HARMFUL!!

Why should human beings not clear forests indiscriminately?

Cutting trees is harmful to the environment , atmosphere , weather , and animals habitat as it provides shelter , protection and food to them.It is harmful to the atmosphere and environment because plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen which is required for the human beings.It is cruel and harmful to the enviorment and the animals.

Are there harmful effects to breathing in a bag?

lack of oxygen would be a harmful effect.

Is human Maltodextrin harmful to cats?

Maltodextrin is harmful to cats and may even be harmful to some humans. It is a polysaccharide used in human food.

What kind form of oxygen which protect atmosphere who protect harmful solar radiations?

Ozone is the type of oxygen which protects us from the harmful solar radiations. It is the triatomic form of oxygen.

What are the permissible levels of oxygen can a human consume?

What are the permissible levels of Oxygen can a Human consume? What are the permissible levels of Oxygen can a Human consume? What are the permissible levels of Oxygen can a Human consume?

What is the importance of the formation of free oxygen?

free oxygen is basically an oxygen-free-radical oxygen breaks into free oxygen under the action of sunlight (ultraviolet rays) these free oxygen are highly reactive and combine with oxygen molecule to give ozone and ozone helps filter the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays also the ozone layer is the basic reason for human survival on earth as the sun is too damaging, that i would have burnt us alive into tandoori human!!!! LOL

Is nitrogen harmful to the human body?

If we were to inhale pure nitrogen, we would obviously die from lack of oxygen. Otherwise no, you have to understand that 70% of every breath you take is nitrogen

Why falsa fruit is harmful for human health?

It's not harmful at all.

What uses oxygen to detoxify harmful substances?

Peroxisomes use oxygen to detoxify harmful substances. These organelles and microbodies are found in the vast majority of eukaryotic cells.