Is oxygen pure form compound form or mixture form?


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Is oxygen a form of mixture form, compound form, or mixture form


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pure substanceOxygen is an element (pure), O2, NOT a mixture, even not a compound.

Pure water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.

No. When in the form of water, hydrogen and oxygen form a compound, which is a pure substance.

Pure water is a pure compound of two elements: hydrogen and oxygen.

Pure water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.

Neither. It is an element. Also, by definition if a substance is pure it cannot be a mixture; it mus either be an element or a compound.

Pure water is a compound. The chemical formula of it is H2O. The component elements are Hydrogen and oxygen.

Yes, californium is a pure chemical element, not a compound or mixture.

its a mixture, water as a pure form has no salt in it

A compound is a pure material.

water is a compound that is made by burning hydrogen gas in oxygen gas hydrogen + oxygen ----> water

pure water is a compund because it's contain hydrogen & oxygen .

Compound (H2O). The Hydrogen cannot be separated from the oxygen by ordinary physical means

Gold is in pure form, it is an element. There are very few compounds of Gold. If there are impurities in the metal, these could be considered a mixture, but for most purposes it would be considered pure.

A compound is a pure substance.

Sodium phosphate is a compound and not a mixture. It consists of sodium, phosphorus and oxygen chemically combined together into a pure substance.

yes oxygen can be a pure substance and a compound

It is a compound similar to water, but containing another oxygen. The compound is H2O2. The extra oxygen makes it a great source of oxygen (in pure form, not the 3% solution you get in a bottle) and if often used as a rocket oxidizers to burn fuel for the propulsion in space

No. A compound is never a mixture. A compound is a pure substance.

In its pure form it is a compound: sulphuric acid. But usually it is a mixture of sulphuric acid and lead sulphate.

Oxygen is an element and a pure substance.

Oxygen is a pure substance.

Snow the solid form of water, so it is a compound. Compounds are pure substances.

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